recent happenings: a picture rich post.

You may recall that recently Gwenna turned 1 year old. We celebrated this past Wednesday with a party and BBQ at the park. the day started out cloudy, cleared up to be lovely, and poured rain on us precisely one half hour before the commencement of the party. BOO!

We still partied, though. And thanks to our friends, the Browns, we even still ate! They donated the use of their NON-wet grill to the birthday cause. It was amazing!

Above is the birthday cake. This is actually the trial run, from the actual birthday, but it's close enough. There was little alteration for the party. It was super fun to make.

My parents came up from Gilbert for the party and my absolute FAVORITE picture from the day is featured below.

Every time Gwenna spends time with her grandparents she likes them more. It's hard to be three hours away from them because she never sees them long enough or frequent enough to build a good relationship. As she's getting older, though, this has become easier and she has a much better relationship with them now. She's even wearing the outfit they got her in this picture. 30 seconds after we arrived at the park Gwenna found a puddle to splash in that she, of course, fell in. So she got to change into a birthday gift! Convenient.

We rarely have a good family picture of all three of us and I think this fits the bill for the 1-year time frame of Gwenna's life.

It's so hard to get Gwenna to look at the camera it it's not me taking the picture. I just have that mom ability.

I also love this picture because it's Gwenna and her Grandma and also, she has no idea how cute she is being. But she is being incredibly cute! LOVE this little girl!!

Opening presents is a talent of Gwenna's, as I'm sure I have mentioned 100 times before. She loved opening all her presents. Above, she is trying on a hat from her Aunt Jenny and Uncle Tim. It didn't stay on long, but it sure was cute! Gwenna was given tons of super nice and thoughtful gifts and I was VERY glad I cleaned out her toy box last week.

Just some more pictures from the party, including some of our party go-ers, who were SO patient with us while we worked out the grilling fiasco. Great friends and family are some of the best things in life!

In other news, some of you may know the past I have with my friend Amy (Roberts) Sprinkle. We were EFY (camp) counselors together and that is how we met. We eventually became roommates at NAU and were engaged within a week of each other and married a day apart. We moved into apartments that were one right over the other after we were married and then still lived only a block apart when Ted and I moved shortly after that. We did our shopping together, they watched Buddy regularly, took him when we weren't home just because it was fun, and then they moved to Oklahoma. Very sad day for the Sprinkles and Crowders. Well, the only milestone Amy and I were a little off on was when I was pregnant with Gwenna... but that's ok because now she is pregnant (1 month ahead of me) and it's fun to share the experience, even long distance.

The Sprinkles traveled the Phoenix this week and we got to see them yesterday! We visited them at Amy's parents house and that of course was a treat in itself. Her parents are awesome. They even had a birthday gift for Gwenna and had bought her special juice and made sure we were all right at home. I LOVE this family!

Here are fun picture of the pregnant ladies, together at last:

Of course we had been swimming and having fun all that day so never mind the funk, but the pictures are simply indispensable. I love them! Amy is a silly gal and it's easy to be silly with her.

Now, on a completely unrelated note (wait, not entirely), I'm going to spend every penny I have on baby clothes if I don't stop myself.

Seriously, it's getting crazy! But, really, having another girl is just TOO FUN! We were really reserved with how girly we went before Gwenna was born because (1) ultrasounds can lie and (2) we wanted to be smart in being able to use at least some of the things we had purchased for our second child, no matter the gender. Well, we got over that and even though I honestly hope that after Olivia I don't have any more girls (we'd really like 2 girls and 2 boys but will, of course, take any any all babies we have!) I have just been going girl crazy.

Having girls is just. too. fun.

Exhibit A (and there isn't an Exhibit B so don't get excited):

These tights are SO CUTE! and it took me way too long to find really cute things for Gwenna so now that I know where to look and whatnot, I'm going a little crazy.

But even Ted, my big manly husband (is anyone laughing at that?) said "those are so stinking adorable!" - and yes, that's a direct quote.

Anyway, the obsession will be reduced to just an interest but this may be my sole way of nesting since we're really well prepared in other aspects. It's just too fun!

See? I told you this was a picture rich post!


Nicole said...

I love the pictures and I'm so glad that Gwenna got better for her party (even if the weather didn't feel like cooperating!) I can't believe she's one already!

The Browns said...

Gwenna's party was fun! Thanks Crowders!! =] love those little tights!!!! Adorable!

Heather said...

Such a cute cake! Well done, sounds like her party went off without a hitch even though Mother Nature had other plans, at least you got glorious cool weather! Jealous.

Heather said...

Cute, cute cake! And waaay cute pregnant ladies.