randoms on a thursday

i don't really crave things as a pregnant lady any more than i do as a not pregnant lady. but today i reeeeeally want more mango salsa. i can almost taste it!

ted purchased one of the most ingenious kitchen gadgets for me. it's a clip that goes on the side of a pot or pan to hold your spoon.

yesterday i made green chili beef empinadas for dinner and received a standing (on the chair) ovation from ted. today, after i sang a song to her, i received another from gwenna. granted, she was already standing and just clapped... but it feels good to be appreciated. i love my family!

last night i had a dream that i gave birth to olivia three months early and she was about this big:

ignore the fact that this picture stinks. i love it.
that is gwenna the day after she was born. she was actually a lot scrawnier that she looks, but olivia was this plump and all.

in my dream, my sister anna was sitting on the couch with my two day old baby next to her. she got up to turn the tv volume down. olivia rolled (what?!) off the couch, caught her arm on my mother's non-existant coffee table, and when she got herself loose, she crawled away. it was bizarre. also, anna didn't know how to work the tv volume and it just got louder and louder. probably a non-dream outside influence from my noisy neighborhood.

i hate that feeling of having nothing to wear. i know i have things to wear, i just need to be better organized so i have a visual reprentation of the options.

gwenna's one year dr. appointment was awesome. not only did she get her shots like a champ, she's perfect. no really, her doctor actally said that in his professional opinion our baby is perfect. my mom said he is a genius, that peditrician of our's. gwenna is in the 87the %tile for her height and the 15th %tile for weight... she have a tall skinny girl on our hands. she sure didn't get it from EITHER ber mom or dad's families so she might just be perfect enough to be able to alter her genetic make up. we'll see. only time will tell.

i don't really care what you're buying, purchase the optional fabric protection, if you can afford it. you'll be happy you did. i know i am.

prepare to reach for your tissues. you might cry for me.
there's no applebees in flagstaff.
not that it's AMAZING but it does symbolize a significant portion of happy memories from my high school/early college days. also, inexpensive food that isn't crappy or eaten out of a paper sack handed to you through a window by someone wearing a greasy apron. i wish there was one. i doubt we'd go often (we eat out, MAYBE, once a month, even when i'm pregnant) but we would go sometimes.


Amy Sprinkle said...

I drank glucose stuff today and it wasn't too bad. The bad part is I FAILED and have to do it again. I would much rather have mango salsa.

Speaking of your child's weight, (she is one cute kid), I was looking at all these little baby clothes and hoping I don't have a large baby. I would like my clothes to fit my child.

Lindsey said...

LOVE LOVE loVE LOVE the name Olivia!!!!