Rain in my house

Behold! My once unmarred ceiling.

I know this picture doesn't show the damage particularly well, but the next shots show the fix juuuust fine.

You see, what is pictured above is the ceiling of the first floor, below the second story bathroom. Right beneath the bathtub, to be precise. The seal around the drain went out and began to drip, drip, drip creating a pool of water to form below... meaning, above the ceiling below.

Ted was sitting on the couch earlier this week when he bolted up and dashed across the room exclaiming that it was raining in our living room. How could this be? Ted got on the phone with a plumber immediately. While on the phone he stood on a folding chair and poked the damaged area. It kind of flexed and wiggled. That's not a good thing for the ceiling to do!

We were so lucky to have found a good plumber! He and his wife came over and within an hour of the phone all (made around 4.30 in the afternoon) they were gone and our problem was solved.


They fixed the bathtub seal but the water needed to drain out, leaving us with a big gaping hole in the ceiling. This is causing us absolutely no inconvenience other than the fact that it's not terribly aesthetically pleasing.

All things considered, I think this was a very successful experience with plumbing. I mean, really, who can say that? The problem wasn't that large, we found a great, speedy, kind plumber with a sweet wife, and the problem was taken care of before dinner time.

Now I hope we find someone as nice to do some drywall work for us....


The Browns said...

wow! Happy Plumber story!! I wonder how hard those are to find? Aren't life's little surprises fun?? =]

Amy Sprinkle said...

Mmmmm...bathtub rainwater...

I'm glad it is fixed. At least with a gaping hole in the ceiling you can see whether the bathtub is leaking.