O is for Olivia

You may remember this post from 15 months ago in which I first debuted the big G. I had so much fun making something for Gwenny. Since my little ladies will be sharing a room (eventually) I decided Olivia will need something similar to her big sis.

Behold! The letter O.

Different, and yet similar also. Likely a representation of how my girls will be different but similar.

I made it today after I made a batch of molasses cookies. They are SooOooOOoo good.

Can't wait to hang Olivia's O on the wall across from her sister's G. Love, Love, LOVE having two girls already!


mary watts said...

Hang them next to each other and say GO

Amy Sprinkle said...

That's EXACTLY what I was thinking! Go. The other intriguing thought is what will your other children's names be and what words can you make out of their first letters?

Your O looks nice.

Heather said...

Darling. Just like Miss Olivia will be and Miss Gwenna already is. They must take after their mom...

Heather said...

Ridiculous! Ly, cute, that is.