a new blog

So a while ago I decided to start a new blog. I wanted to separate my personal, private blog from my craft and recipe and other ideas. So I did it. Here it is:

You can click on that icon to view it, or you can click on the little button on the side bar, or you can click here:

I hope you'll at least check it out. I've out a lot of time into it and I plan to continue to put time into it... not as much as I already have, but as I create new things this is likely going to be the place I post about them. It's not private and it's not even created under the same account that I use for this blog, giving me virtually unlimited storage. As a blogger, that makes me happy!


Heather said...

Darling! Fun to have a place to keep all of your creations on. Thanks for sharing your talents.(Love the header too!)

camilla said...

oh yea! now it won't be so hard to find all of your yummy recipes to make when I'm eating again!

The Youngs said...

sweet! Im excited to try some things and for u to post more. I have also made a recipe blog the link if found on my regular blog