it could happen to you!

About a month ago I came home from the hospital.

I was SORE, tired, and shortly after I arrived home my mom showed up.

But the thing is, about a month ago, she wasn't just my mom anymore. She was also a grandma.

My husband fled to Target for the "unexpecteds" of post-partum life and I sat about in awe of the most beautiful baby I have ever seen.

Then I blinked and she turned one.

... Ok, so it wasn't a month ago. It was exactly a year ago today. But really, people, it feels like it.

Last Friday Gwenna turned one. I won't gush over her much, just want to share a few pictures of the fun day we had, despite her 4th tooth reappearing after the gums healed over it.

Gwenna got to open one present before Ted went to work. She LOVES to open gifts. Even last Christmas, just shy of 5 months, she opened all her own presents, believe it or not.

It was a photo album, soft and quilted, full of picture of relatives who live far away... which is every one of her relatives since our closest family is 3 hours south.

She is also wearing birthday pajamas sent to her by her great grandma. They're SO cute on her.

Later that day we met Papa at the park (a feat that can only be described as miraculous since the Cardinals are up here and their pack of Phoencian fans who can't navigate the circle that is Flagstaff are roaming around in huge vehicles at illegal speeds. No, really, I love it. Ü) for lunch. Tuna macaroni salad and watermelon, one of Gwenna's favorite meals. Afterwards we played.

Ah, my little rock eater.

I don't know why she loves to eat rocks so much, she just does.

Moments later Ted, Gwenna, and I found a baby lizard. Gwenna had no fear and really liked poking after it. The lizard wasn't too frightened of her either. A nice birthday gift from Mother Nature: a little lizard interaction.

I was so surprised she liked the lizard because she's really, really girly. She loves softy scarves and twirling, brushing her hair, and being with me when I do my make up. She's dainty. She didn't even tear into her birthday cake, though we gave her every opportunity. She poked at it and ate a little frosting. It was so sad.

Our final birthday picture:

Gwenna sure loves her Papa. A few minutes before this was taken she slapped my face. Then she hugged Ted. Gwenna and I, we get along great... all. day. long. So when Ted is around she sure loves on him.

We had a very nice day and wish to say thank you to all who sent lovely gifts, cards, and who called to wish Gwenna a happy day. This coming Wednesday is her birthday party and we're really looking forward to it. We'll see if she tears into this cake a little better.


mary watts said...

which is every one of her relatives since our closest family is 3 hours south.
....Uncle Rob?

mary watts said...

and I bet she would tear into the cake if it were decorated with ROCKS

kelly said...

ha! oops. yeah, your other flagstaff kid, huh mom? honestly, and sadly, i see rob as often as i see you. well, not lately. we love bookmans, afterall! :)

Heather said...

Happy One Year to Gwenna! And it was a blessed year. What a sweet tribute and it looked like a lovely day.

I need to take a page out of Gwenna's book and daintily eat just the frosting, instead I tear into my desserts, too many instances lately. I should stop, it's not good for the babies nor my body, especially since I will need to work really hard to remove the evidence. How was her cake BTW? Super cute I bet.

Amy Sprinkle said...

Love your mom's comment. Rocks are just so much cooler. Is there such a thing as Pica for babies? Probably not, just oral fixations.

The Browns said...

YAY! Happy Birthday Gwenna! She's such a cutie! What a fun birthday!!

Casey said...

Happy birthday, Gwenna!

mary watts said...

I also wanted to tell you that Jake was Gwennas age,one day before,when Anna was born. Thought I would just say this due to the fact that you have no childhood memories.