i already feel it.

I already know, deep in my bones, that this is going to be a random, long, haphazard post today. So bear (bare? which is it?) with me.

My ceiling is dripping again. I'm telling you and I haven't even told my husband yet.

Let me backtrack. This summer Ted took 2 summer classes. The first went off without a hitch and he did amazingly well. But the second? Well, he ended up dropping it. Ted and a rushed 4 weeks of chemistry didn't exactly jive. So since his work schedule was already such that he was free for class, we spent a lot of time together. Really, he was home a lot. I LOVED it and let me tell you Gwenna LOVED it too! He basically spoiled me. He helped with dishes, diaper changes, baths, took the garbage out in the middle of the day, we went on road trips, went swimming... It was an awesome summer. Probably the last time we'll have such a fun summer for a long time.

Then, today, he did the unthinkable. He went back to school. That's right, he dove, headfirst, into an 8 am CHM 202 class and a 17 credit fall semester. Oh, I supposed you could say he eased in by doing a big chunk of his online 8-week psychology class homework yesterday but today was the big day. Waking early, showing before 10 (don't judge), preparing snacks, packing a backpack that was heavier than Gwenna... This is serious stuff, folks.

So after my month of husband-being-home-bliss, when I noticed a puddle forming on the floor I didn't know what to do! My first instinct was to call Ted... who had been in class for half an hour. Call my mom! But what could she do, especially when she's been awake about 20 minutes, that darn empty nester! (No comment please, Mom.) So I cracked open the phone book, found the plumber who "fixed" our problem last week and thanked God that we didn't fix the gaping hole in the ceiling yet.

Having my husband home for a month apparently made me very dependent. But I'm back folks. Oh am I back. I am SO back that after I got off the phone with the plumber (I really do love them, even if it wasn't done right the first time) I cleaned up the kitchen, I swept behind the shoe basket, I scrubbed those spots on the floor that the mop can't get clean, I read books to Gwenna, I de-cluttered the black hole in our living room, and I even remembered to get a snack for Gwenna and me (must snack, all the time!) before nap time. It was amazing. It was like I was a stay at home mom all over again, before there was a stay at home dad. And I must say, there was a feeling of accomplishment and satisfaction to it all.

This afternoon I plan on dusting. But the trash can wait for Ted. He has to feel like he still has a purpose around here, after all!

So my ceiling is dripping again. I mentioned that.

Next on the list is a pregnancy picture, taken earlier this week by Ted. I think I am little overdue for such a picture, both in this post and on my blog in general. So here we have an almost 26 week pregnant lady. Namely, me.

I'm actually a little smaller, compared to pictures, with Olivia than I was with Gwenna.

Speaking OF! I had to get more blood work done yesterday AND it wasn't that bad! That's a lot, coming from me. The first time I donated blood, in high school, the guy almost went THROUGH my vein and it wasn't fun and since then I have adverse reactions to needles and my veins and the combination thereof. But it was only one little vial of blood to check up on how the thyroid medication I have been on is working. I hope it's working well because I had a tough time adjusting to it and now that I feel adjusted I don't want to change it. You go through how ever many years with an overactive thyroid and being a little shaky and lightheaded sometimes is totally normal. Sounds weird, I know, but it's true! And you can get a lot done when your thyroid is working overtime. Then your crazy doctor puts you on medicine to make you "normal" (read: not a superhero) and it's a bit of a shock... especially when you're put on this medicine when you're pregnant and already never feeling 100% because more than half your energy is going to growing a human!

Ok, rant done.

Yesterday was fun not just because we went swimming and grocery shopping (not fun to do alone, lots of fun to do with Ted), and had kabobs and homemade bread for dinner but also because Olivia's car seat cover arrived! I waited on ordering it until we found out the gender, of course, but I had already had it narrowed down to two girl designs prior to the ultrasound. Our lovely cover took this gender neutral infant seat that was so kindly given to us:

... and turned it into this:

Pink and brown and flowers and OH I'm in love! There is also a little pink bow on each side that really enhances the cuteness but I apprently couldn't find it within myself to pull them our from behind the handle for the sake of a picture. Something about speed since my camera batteries were dying... At any rate, I love it. AND while we're talking "love" here... do you see Buddy in the "before" picture above? He managed to get into every picture, I swear! STILL miss that dog.

I think that's it for now. Ceiling dripping, Ted diving into a wild semester, 26-ish week belly shot update, new car seat cover... I think that's it. But if you can think of something I missed, make sure to let me know.


Amy Sprinkle said...

I will post a belly shot soon. I have to say my belly is expanding rapidly now-a-days. Only 10 more weeks! Ahhh!

Maybe I shouldn't have commented on being able to see the tub leak again through the ceiling. Sorry if I jinxed you.

By the way, I would SO be sleeping in and not showering before 10:00 if I didn't have to get up early for work.

amber said...

Such a cute cover! and a cute belly! Where ever did you find the cover? My friend really wants one, and maybe I do to! Especially with how cute that one is.

Suzanne and Davey Maughan said...

I LOVE that carseat cover!!! LOVE it! Did you design it through hip n cozy? It looks like the same set up as ours. And Im showing Davey this post because he made fun of me when I put up pictures on our blog of the new carseat cover for Andersen...yes, I think we've decided to stick with the original name. :) But seriously, your carseat makes me want to steal someone's baby girl so I can have one just like it---or just hope there are some more girlies in my life so I can get one someday! haha

The Browns said...

Way cute! I always love your posts! That carseat cover is so adorable! And I love your belly shot picture! Gwenna cracks me up!! Elizabeth waited until she was almost 2 to get THAT independent! And now it's all up hill from here! OH, I liked the O and G from your previous post! =]