vintage ted and kelly: the dance

Someday I will post about my first date with Ted and anyone who knows anything about it should be happy for that. It's a Heather-esque story. If you read Heather's blog, you know what I mean.

But for now, as my husband is away at scout camp, I was being nostalgic and looking at pictures from when we had met and were dating. I love this picture:

The story leading up to Ted asking me to go to this formal dance with him in itself is funny.

We were at a church activity, again, just like we were the first time he wanted to ask me out. This time I was single and he knew it. He tried to get the guts to ask me to be his date to this dance but he backed down.

After the church activity he came to my house. My roommate, Arizona, encouraged us to go to Mars Hill AKA Flagstaff Make-out Point. I actually agreed to go, knowing nothing would happen and thinking it would be fun.

We traversed the windy hill in Leroy, Ted's Scion XB (that car, again, another story for another day) and got out to take in the view. It really is lovely. Later, Ted would propose to me there.

It was chilly so Ted took out a blanket and out it around his shoulders and mine. We were chatting and my cell phone rang. I answered it and it was another gentleman I had been seeing casually. He asked if I had been asked to the dance and I told him I had not. He did not ask me but did say he would stop by my apartment later that night. Ted knew who it was. He knew, based on contaxt of what he had heard on my end, what was said. He knew he only had one shot.

So did he ask me as fast as he could after that call? No. He didn't ask me up there at all. But at my door, when he was saying good bye he said he knew what had happened on the phone, that someone else had all but asked me to the dance. But he asked me anyway.

I told him I was torn. I was confused on whether the other gentleman had made his intentions known and if I would be doing something bad by accepting Ted's invitation. He completely agreed and walked away not having any idea what I would say.

I sat at the bottom on the stairs in my apartment just agonizing over the entire situation with my roommate. All of a sudden there's a knock on my door, in walks Ted with no invitation. He comes across the room and just gives me a hug, saying he didn't give me a hug and had wanted to. He said goodbye and by time the door shut behind him, I knew who I was going to the dance with. I think I told him on MSN messenger, while I was at work, that I'd like to go with him.

As for the other boy, he never came by that night, making my decision that much easier to make. He was sort of a flake, anyway.

At the dance, Ted and I had a great time. Half way through the evening we took a walk around the church building it was held in and sat down outside. He gave me his jacket because it was cold. He asked me, essentially, to be his girlfriend. And I turned him down. I had just gotten out of another relationship, was going to school full time, working three jobs, and I was sure I wasn't ready for a relationship.

And a week later Ted and I were dating.

That is vintage Ted and Kelly. Persistence, kindness, patience and indecision personified. I'll let you decide who belongs to which characteristic.

And now I wish Ted were home rather than at scout camp because I'd give him a big wet kiss. I'm glad he knew what he wanted when I didn't.


Amy Sprinkle said...

I think that was the same formal where Wes tried to get me to go to the dance with Albert to start some good rumors (and it would have, part of me thinks it would have been funny, the other majority part is glad I didn't). I ended up going by myself for fun and Ted and Albert were nice enough to dance with me.

That first date story in writing would be awesome. I think your children would appreciate it some day too. I just wish I had something that awesome to share with my kids.

P.S. I'm making pie today. I will pretend you are here to help me.

Heather said...

I love the shout-out. Too bad it's a ghost town lately over there at The Heather Show lately. :)

I can also toootally relate to the persistence vs. indecision thing, too. I'm sure Josh and Ted could empathize well with one another.

Love the nostalgia, love you.

Heather said...

So, no comments enabled on your dress post? Either way, you looked fetching, great color on you and thanks for posting! :)

Erin said...

You guys are so cute Kelly!