It takes one and a half Baby Einsteins (World Animals, to be precise) to unload the dishwasher, fill it, dejunk the refrigerator, and clean all the shelves.

It takes two bursts of giggles and three fast flees to vacuum the upstairs bedrooms and hallway.

It takes two times of pulling the baby out of the dryer before all the laundry can be transferred.

It takes approximately 12% of a 1.5 hour nap to sweep and mop the floors.

It takes one year (minus one week, exactly) to successfully develop a new system of time.


Erin said...

I love your posts. So creative. Maybe that's why I don't blog anymore. My writing creativity is gone! Or maybe its because I lack desire. Either way, I love your blog! And happy ALMOST birthday to Gwenna!

Geneva said...

Yep that's me! Camille and I go way back. Do you know her too or did you just find her blog?

And your munchin is adorable :) I can't think of someone better suited to being a mom than you. You're fabulous!

Heather said...

Kelly, you are too cute. Loved the camping post, way to follow through with your plans! Your pineapple upside down "cake" sounds yummy right now, share the deets. Not that I need anymore sweets, for future camping reference of course!