padding the nest and other news.

I mentioned a couple days ago in a post that I'd be sharing the ways we're nesting for our little girl's arrival.

With Gwenna it was quite a while before I felt the need to really nest, hardcore. It was just a little of this and a little of that until I was finished with work, last July. Well, with Olivia (have I mentioned her name prior to now? Olivia.) we're just adding on to preparations made for Gwenna over a year ago.

But there are upgrades. Oh the upgrades!

You see, two babies is twice as many as one. So with that in mind, I have been scoping out double strollers. Reading reviews, admiring other people's strollers (there were TONS of double strollers in California!) price matching, and the like. I think we have one in mind and it's going to serve us well.

Also, Olivia is gracing us with her presence in the exact opposite time of year than when Gwenna was born. So we're purchasing warmer clothes... and extra small clothes. When Gwenna was born we didn't have enough preemie sized clothing and even though she was late she was a long baby weighing 5 lbs. 12 oz. She didn't fit into anything. Even preemie clothes were a little big on her long and lean body. Olivia is measuring in (according to ultrasounds and my belly) right on track with her older sister. So even though I have most everything you could need for a little girl, Gwenna and I have been picking out girly footie pajamas and warm clothes.

I've selected new bedding so my girls will match. It's in a cream and red poppy flower pattern and it is, of course, the most expensive bedding on the website I found it on. I have very expensive taste. It's NOT intentional and I rarely give in to it. But I think I will this time. It's beautiful!

Then there's the new ride. Last week we purchased a 2006 Mazda MPV, a mini van, the miniest there is. Well, I don't know that for sure but we've driven others (the Chevy Uplander and the Toyota Sienna) and this is defiantly smaller than both of those. It drives much more like our Ford Taurus than either of the aforementioned vans.


Daisy? I think her name is Daisy. We've had a long succession of female cars recently. Maggie, Suzy, Daisy. Before that we had Charlie and Leoroy (the latter of which wasn't "ours" but Ted's and was the Scion XB destroyed precisely one month prior to our wedding).

Things I love about this van include the turning radius, which is tight and precise; the middle captain seats and how easy they are to manipulate; the surprisingly acceptable gas mileage.

Here the middle seats are separated:

But with an ease of movement even a pregnant woman with occasional back problems (as of late, and it's my own fault) can call simple - viola! - the middle seats are now a row.

Also notice that Gwenna's carseat is parallel to an all window view. She loves being that high up and being able to see everything. Oh! Which reminds me. Both sliding doors have windows that go up and down, not that terrible pop out thing from our childhoods. Oh, oh, and the third row which folds flat into the floor and makes for TONS of space... ok, I'm done doting on Daisy.

There! Now I feel as though I have sufficiently updated my small following. But I would be remiss if I did not post a 22 week belly shot. Don't really know when it happened, but in the matter of about a day or so my belly just popped out. I carry low, with sound biological justification, but there is indeed visual evidence in front of me proving that I'm quite "with child" again.

In unrelated news, I urge you to take advantage of the fleeting and final moments of summer. Tonight we had grilled pork chops, roasted corn on the cob, watermelon, and baked potatoes for dinner. I feel at least three weeks more pregnant than I did before I sat down at the dinner table. It was a wonderful way to let July slip through my fingers as August encroaches. I find little redemption in August, and as of late I have also found that I am not alone. I am finding more and more people who are not August fans. But September always makes me happy.

Tomorrow night I will practice Gwenna's birthday cake for her party, which is next week, and will present it to her on the following day, her birthday. Oh her birthday! My little baby is a little girl! ... I love that this isn't the first time I've made a birthday cake for Gwenna. It makes me feel like my margin of error is significanlty decreased. I could be wrong though and fronsting, I find, is unforgiving. Wish me luck!


Heather said...

Too cute. Your belly is darling, your new Daisy van-oh so nice and I can't wait to see the poppy bedding. Girls are so fun!

The Browns said...

Cute! Love the new ride! And the clothes! Love little girl clothes! I could shop for little girl clothes all day long (as long as the little girl wasn't WITH me during that day long shopping spree!) Thanks for the update! I always love your posts!

amber said...

ooh you're so much better than me. I haven't even started. I've looked at stuff to be sure, but its so hard when I don't KNOW yet. speaking of which, will you be keeping your single stroller or are you open to selling it? btw, adorable belly! It looks much better than my general torso swelling.

Heather said...

Sweet ride, man.

Candace said...

Gwenna & Olivia. Adorable!

I think I told you this on FB but we seriously considered getting a Mazda MPV when we were in search of a mini van. They are CUTE and the stow n' go is a "real nice feature." (you'll get it if you're a Brian Regan fan, like myself. :)

I'm totally like you in that I LOVE researching fun baby products! is my friend in that way. With baby #3 has come even more fun searching especially since I, like you, have never had a winter baby. Hurray!

You are looking like 22 weeks worth of fabulous! Motivates me to get a belly shot of me up! I must admit...I haven't officially taken even ONE yet!

kelly said...

Amber, our stroller is part of a travel system and it's gender neutral, green and yellow. If you are interested in it, I will give it to you. I paid almost nothing for it because we got it from a friend. It's part of a Graco travel system and I will be keeping the car seat and base but will not keep the stroller since we have an umbrella stroller if we ever need a single stroller and then we NEED the double... so really, why have three strollers? I imagine any infant carrier would snap onto it to make it infant friendly but the seat also reclines almost completely. But the harness doesn't tighten to newborn size. If you have any questions about baby necessities, I'd be happy to give my two cents. I'm sure most people are, when it comes to baby gear. I found advice helpful though. However, you never *really* know what you need until you don't have it.

Amy Sprinkle said...

Hooray for Olivia making herself known via your stomach! You look good. I am kind of a low carrier myself and my grandma is convinced I am having a boy. I should point her to the direction of your blog and show her how you will have 2 girls. Bromus is still safely gender unidentifiable.

Like the van, guessing I get to see it in person on Thursday.

In person?!!!! I am currently in AZ RIGHT NOW! I am very excited to see y'all (had to use that phraseology) and we get to actually be pregnant "together", even if only for a day.

kelly said...

Amy, my excitement exists on several levels. Can't wait to see you and Bromus (well, evidence of Bromus) this week!! :)