more sugar and more spice!

Today is the glorious day of our ultrasound!

So here are our guesses:

Ted guessed boy. He just wanted a boy, though.

I guessed... I have no idea. Didn't feel the same a Gwenna but I was chalking that up to second pregnancy differences. So I was out on that one.

And the results are in.
Gwenna is going to have a little sister!
(As if you didn't know that from the title of this post!)

The saddest part about our day is that the ultrasound tech, one we've never had during out previous 5 ultrasounds, didn't give us a copy of the "money shot" ... so we'll have to ask the doctor for a copy next month at our appointment. But that's very sad to me. We got 2 profiles and an arm. Really?? The ultrasound tech we prefer is named Kelly (go figure) and she gave us way more pictures!

We did get two cute profiles. She was SO ACTIVE (I've thought she was more active than Gwenna was at this point.) and at one point she was holding her feet. It was super cute.

Her little arm. All fingers accounted for. She was so squiggly!

Everything looked great. Her heart rate and formation is awesome, kidneys looking good, sinal measurements are right on track. We couldn't be happier with our healthy baby girl. And our due date is still December 2.

And me, 19 weeks pregnant. I was about this big with Gwenna when I was 21 weeks pregnant. But second pregnancy and only looking about 2 weeks ahead of the last? I'll take it!

I still haven't gained any weight yet (still losing) and anyone who is familiar with my first pregnancy knows this is a challenge for me. I don't have any morning sickness but my hyperactive thyroid makes it tough for me to gain weight. I know, big boo hoo! - but it can be a problem eventually in the same way that someone with the reverse problem can gain too much weight when pregnant just as easily. But I'm doing really well. I only lost 1 pound this last month and that's a really big improvement from the previous month, when I lost 7... with no morning sickness. I emphasize that again because that's normally why women lose weight when they're pregnant. My doctor isn't seeing it as a problem this time around now that we know the cause. I only gained 14 pounds with Gwenna and everyone was completely healthy and it was an ideal pregnancy, in my eyes. This time around everyone is healthy and happy again and things are gong really well. We are so very blessed!

It's suddenly sinking in that I can continue to be girl in my decorating and buying purusits and I'm suddenly really excited about that! - Don't you feel privileged that I was writing to you when this struck me?

Gwenna is still a really cuddly baby. Lots of babies are over the cuddly thing by now but when she's not running around and being very independent she loves to sit on my lap, cuddle into my chest, get arm tickles and rubs, and crash her whole body into big fluffy pillows and blankets and roll around. I have this vision of my two girlys on my lap, all cuddled up. It's fun to imagine my two girls together!

Are there ever times you're very grateful for your body and the things you can do? I am today. Many pepole in my life have had physical challenges and I've never struggled with my health or anything relating to my body. This is a blessing! I'm grateful for the body the Lord gave me and for the wonderful things He allows me to do with it. I hope I can still say this many years from now. If I remember nothing else from this day, I hope I remember that.


amber said...

That's so great! two little girls will be so much fun :)

I just found out on my way home that my sister in law Norene (you know her right?) is having a girl too! just 3 weeks ahead of you.


p.s. my word verification is smallute...I guess in tribute to the smalluteness of your baby! lol

Adrian said...

Oh Kelly... Congratulations!! What an exciting day!! I totally voted for a girl on your poll because you sure make cute ones!! When I was pregnant with Hayley, I really didn't care whether we had a boy or girl! But now that I have a sweet baby girl, I really want her to have a sister just like little Gwenna! Love your belly pic! I'm so glad we're blogging buddies now!

Heather said...

Congrats on more sugar! You look great and I kinda wish I had an overactive thyroid, especially after the babies.

The Browns said...

Congratulations Kelly! Use those hand-me-downs from Gwenna! Oh yeah baby! =] That's the nice thing about having the same gender multiple times in a row. Don't have to buy too many new things! Even though that's part of the fun! =] Yay!! another girls!!

Amy Sprinkle said...

Hooray for little girl Crowder number 2! Bromus is excited for you too.

I am glad you are feeling good (other than the tight skin, those days I wear the most comfortable thing possible. Who cares about fashion!) Today I feel fat. I have decided I don't really like maternity shirts because I feel fatter when wearing them. I really like the normal t-shirt that is longer (like the ones at Motherhood, or Old Navy stuff before it got so thin). And I am really enjoying my new pants. My belly feels so free!

Erin said...

That is so exciting!! I secretly wish that I have another girl next so that they can be little besties.

Casey said...

Yay for another little girl! I'm sure Gwenna will love having a lil sis. Congrats, guys!

Lindsey said...

You look amazing! Congrats on the girl. It will be especially nice since they will so close you may not have to buy many clothes (maybe, I think if my calculations are right...)

Christi said...

Congrats!! 2 girls are so much fun!!