bowling experiement + an update

it had been several years since i had bowled and certainly never with an 11 year old or an 11 month old. so before DJ went home (which he did last Thursday) we spent a whole day having fun. swimming, bowling, work pot luck... it was a really nice day.

even though DJ cannot take direction to save his life and gets distracted like a fruit fly and gwenna was EVERYWHERE climbing and running down lanes, we had a lot of fun. it's a lot of work to keep up with these two and i'd have NEVER done this alone but as a team, ted and i did great.

here are some hilights from our experience.

gwenna did want to run down the lane next to us. to follow to ball? to know where it goes? just because it looked fun? who knows! our first game, without bumpers, i didn't even get 75. really, it was sad because i even got a strike once and then i had to try to remember what the heck i did to get that. for our second game we put the bumpers up and we had much more fun. bowling is way more fun when the pins are being knocked down by the ball.

anyone who bowls knows you have to make up fun bowling names. the first round i was roxy and the second i was spare tire... but DJ likes nicknames a lot so everytime i got up to bowl during the second game i'd hear a LOUD, "come on, spare tire! get a strike!" kind of embarassing, but also really funny.

gwenna found a single step behind us while we were bowling. as i've mentioned before, gwenna's been a pro at climbing out full flight of stairs at home since she was about 7 months. ted's fault. but she doesn't know how to go down, mostly, i'd imagine, becuase we don't let her. so she siezed this opportunity.

she went up and down and up and down this step probably 50 times. when she gets her mind set on something, she is very determined. she fell on her face, she fell on her head (it was only one step), she never cried, and eventually she figured it out. she amazes me. i wish i had the courage and determination she has.

gwenny was pretty hungry and overdue for a nap by the end, but i was so glad she was pleasant the entire day. i sure love this little girl.

we miss DJ. it's bittersweet. ted started chemistry on Monday and it's 10-4.30 Mon-Thurs and he goes in early for the supplemental instruction at 9. he's determined to do well. then he works all day Friday and Saturday. so to keep me from going insane, it's good that DJ is back home now. but we do miss him. gwenna espcially misses him. they got along really well. she loves anyone under the age of 12 with little reservation. she has mixed feelings about non-related (and some related) adults but kids get almost instant approval if they just play with her.

otherwise, not much is differnt in our home. ted passed anatomy and physiology with FLYING colors, a 99% on the final. this is where gwenna gets her determiniation, i think. chemistry, as i mentioned, is now his main game. we're going to miss him but there's only 14 more classes to go. 4 weeks at a time i can handle. no big deal.

on thursday we take off for my cousin's wedding in california. it's a beach wedding and this 19 week pregnant lady has had a tough time finding something to wear. i finally found a dress i liked a lot but they only had it in extra small, which was fine for now and maybe the next 3 or 4 weeks. but after that, i'm going to need the small. so i tried it on in another color (black) in the small and it was perfect. but they only had it in small and black. who wears black to a wedding? - let a lone a beach wedding?? so i ordered it online in pink and small and now i'm waiting - anxiously - for it to arrive. if it doesn't get here before we leave, i get to go shopping in CA. sounds not too bad, right? but that's not how i want to spend my vacation. we're going to play! go to the zoo, to the beach, eat yummy food... that's the plan. i've really been looking forward to this vacation because it's this summer's vacation. with ted in school and working and only have 1 day a week off, we can't do much. so this trip is lauded with great anticipation.

oh, and also thursday, as you know, is my ultrasound. this has been a squiggly baby from the get go but i haven't felt many kicks until this past week. even ted felt one, with his hand on my belly. that's a fun thing, for sure. i know she won't remember it, but i think it's really fun that gwenna will get to be there for the ultrasound. that's sibling bonding at it's early best.

so, to wrap this up - bowling with a baby is ok. it can still be fun! vacation is coming and the ultrasound is right around the corner! and if you're the person who said this baby will be too shy to find out the gender, i wish the same for you should you be in this position! ... ok, not really. i guess it's my fault for giving you that option on the poll.


The Browns said...

lol! Love the post! Have fun in California, good luck on the dress! I REALLY missed DJ in church on Sunday! What a sweetheart! And Good luck Ted with Chemistry!!!! (but don't ask me for help, I got a C in Chemistry) =]

Heather said...

I wish I had Gwenna's determination, too!