why what you type could be very dangerous.

I speak from experience. An experience that happened over three years ago.

I had moved to Flagstaff to attend NAU and hadn't dated much my first semester. Then, something happened my second semester. It seemed like every time I turned around there was a cute new guy or someone I thought I'd like to go on a date with.

One evening in particular, one guy I was interested in at the time, was at a church activity. My then roommate, Karin, and I were really hoping he would ask me out on a date as the intent seemed pretty obvious. However, another guy, who at the time was only a friend, was also at the activity. Little did I know his intent to ask me on a date that night.

And he did, this second guy. Let's call him Ted. Because that is his name.

So as Karin and I were hoping boy #1 would come by and make his interest known, Ted came by instead and asked me out for later that week. I accepted but was still pretty zeroed in on the prospect of the other boy asking me out. Shortly after Ted asked me out, I started gabbing with Karin again about the other guy.

Later that night Karin made it known to me that I might have been too loud while talking about the other guy while Ted was still lingering near. I didn't want Ted to feel bad, especially since we were going a date later that week and it would be SUPER awkward if he had any negative feelings about the situtation. We were friends, new friends at that. So I did was any college girl would do to apologize for something she thinks might have hurt someone else's feelings: I sent him a message on facebook justifying my actions.

"Ted, I feel a little jerk-ish and I'm telling you this because it's in relation to you that I feel jerk-ish. Karin mentioned to me that it was really lame to be all, "(insert repetition of other guy's name here)" the other night at FHE (read: church activity). Yes, I want him to ask me on a date, but it's because I really want to get to know him better. But I also would love to go on a date with you because we would have a lot of fun. I'm glad we're friends and I hope you know that. So salsa dancing on a Wednesday night? Sounds AMAZINGLY fun! Let me know. ... I hope you don't think I'm horrible. Talk with you soon. Ü"

It was NOT received well. Karin and I wrote and re-wrote this message. (I was in need of help!) And then he replied like this:

"hmmm... friends are for hanging out and very safe group dates. if you want to be just friends then we're just friends. no dates."

WHAT?! Did I miss something written between the lines of what I had written?? Who gets that crazy about someone they haven't even been on one date with? I was a little shocked and kind of offended, or at least hurt. I really was looking forward to our salsa dancing date later that week. So we didn't talk about it, I left it at that and I ended up going on a date with the other guy... and another date... and we ended up quite an item for a short amount of time. All because of some misconstrued words on facebook. It was a temporary disaster.

Of course, as it turned out Ted just really, really liked me and his pride was hurt. And even though I dated that other guy, broke up with him, and was "seeing" another guy before Ted built up the GUTS to run in and steal me away... I'm glad for those experiences. Both those guys made me realize how much more amazing Ted was and I was able to realize what an awesome guy I had, right in front of me.

SO! Morals of the story:

Former relationship faux paus make really good time killer when your baby is sleeping and you are sick of laundry.

Even temporary disasters can turn into wonderful happily-ever-afters.

Next time, call, don't send a message on facebook. Or just don't worry about it because it's probably not as bad as you think it is.

Don't be so easily offended in the world of dating. It's a jungle out there and you'll never survive that way!

Sometimes the greatest flattery comes in the form of someone else's broken heart. Think about it.

I'm SUPER glad that things ended up working out the way they did because I have the BEST husband and we have the BEST life togther. Last night when Gwenna was cranky over the impending tooth you can actually see through her gums and I was rocking her to sleep, I whispered good night to my sweet husband. He replied by saying that he was the King of the World and I am the Queen and he loves me. How cute is that? Who else in the world could ever make me as happy as Ted does?

No one. That's who.


Heather said...

This is delicious. As in I gobbled it up. Keep it comin'.

Amy Sprinkle said...

So this reminded me of your first date story, and then I proceeded to laugh to myself. And thank you for the random dialing last night. It was fun to talk.

The Youngs said...