what we've been up to.

well, i can tell you what i haven't been up to and go from there.

not doing laundry.

not unpacking very much (in our same house).

not running out to the grocery store often.

not vacuuming.

but we are:

getting into EVERYTHING!

making 10 months old look goooooood.

being sweet and cuddly.

rolling on the carpet.

baking every chance we get - cookies, brownies, cinnamon twist (if you don't know what this is, i'm sorry!!) ...

overall, i've been shirking most of the household duties to the point that i was forced to do laundry this morning because ted is wearing his last clean pair of underwear and he actually had to unpack a box to find a clean pair of pants. ok, i'm bad. i know it. BUT in my defense, it's HARD to go from being a mom to just one little crawling baby to being the mom of a walking child and an an 11 year old. who knew it would be THIS differnt? not that it's bad or that i'm complaining, we're getting along alright. but it is a lot different.

ted is in school full swing. his schedule makes me tired. yesterday he woke up at 5 to go to work BEFORE class because his boss had a doctor appointment in phoenix and was out of town all day. he worked for an hour and then went to school for 5 hours, came home, made lunch for all of us, wrangled the kids while i had blood drawn, went back to work for an hour, came home and helped with dinner, baked with us, did the dishes and cleaned the kitchen with dj... and by about 9.30 he was at the desk doing homework for two hours. see? aren't you tired just reading what this man does? and he doesn't have to go into work to help. he wasn't scheduled. he doesn't have to make lunch for us because he has a wife who is perfectly capable... in a manner of speaking. he certainly doesn't have to spend an hour and a half baking with us when he has a mountain of homework to do, either. but he does. because he's just that amazing.

when did this turn into an "ode to ted" rather than an update of what we've been up to?

oh, who am i kidding? many if not most of my posts lapse into odes to by husband. he's just ode-worthy, that's all.

speaking of "ode-worthy", when was the last time you watched Boy Meets World? i loved cory when i was growing up. ted was quite fond of topanga ... who dj was calling "forini" when he couldn't remember her name. for those of you who don't understand, "forini" is the book maker who lives in the basement of mr. magorium's wonder emporium. ... we kinda like that movie a lot.

i digress.

we've been watching a lot of Boy Meets World while ted is at school. we rented the first season from the library.

which takes me to my next point. i've been reading a book called The Traitor King and it's NOT NOT NOT my style but i. can't. put. it. down. period. the writing isn't even that amazing. i mean, it's good, it's ok, but something pulled me in and when i'm not not making lunch and not not vacuuming i'm reading this book.

we like to read. we're quite a reading family.

this is so rambly. but at least you know what the crowders have been up to. since you were SO curious!

oh, and just to make sure i don't seem like total slacker mom, i do sweep and mop and my toilets are spotless. it's really on a "need to do" basis around here.

which reminds me, second breakfast (the pregnant woman's invented meal) is calling my name...


amber said...

Sounds like so much fun! I totally have a second breakfast everyday :) I feel like a hobbit sometimes... tensies and elevensies... Oh I give up. I just eat all the time now!

Heather said...

I know it's weird and maybe a little creepy, but whenever I read your blog I wish I lived in Flagstaff and we could be friends in real life and hang out. That's my secret confession of the day. :)

kelly said...

wow heather, i didn't know my mundane dealings inspired you to want to move aaaaaall the way down here just to eat goldfish and not vacuum. well, if you ever decide to go through with it, you're welcome to play with us.

and no, it's TOTALLY not weird. afterall, i DO have the world's cutest, most fun baby.

Amy Sprinkle said...

Unfortunately my second breakfast (and even lunch at a decent time) has been sacrificed to summer school. However, I have at least been good at eating a good breakfast.

Speaking of chores needing to be done, I have clothes I need to get out of the washing machine and hang on the line to dry.

Cassie Sampson said...

I'm so happy for you and your wonderful husband and absolutely ADORABLE baby girl. It looks like life, despite its typical frustrations, has been very good to the Crowders :)

And by the way, second breakfast isn't just a pregnant thing. I have no excuse other than the fact that I'm home, there's food, and I'm not doing anything to prevent myself from eating it.

Casey said...

I admit, I was more of a Shawn Hunter kinda gal. Something about that leather jacket...or maybe it was the hair and the pet pig :) Sounds like you guys are having busy fun!

Jewel said...

I liked Shawn better, too. Looks like you're having a great summer, at least!!