what was good about yesterday

Yesterday I saw a movie in the theater for the first time since Gwenna was born. And she was there and she was awesome.

Yesterday while I was at swim lessons with DJ and Gwenna (DJ swimming, Gwenna running around like a mad woman) Ted showed up. He just popped in about 15 minutes into the lesson and I was so surprised! He got out of his lecture early and come to see DJ swim. I loved being there with my husband when normally Gwenna and I just hang out by ourselves.

Yesterday at swim lessons I met a lady whose kids names are: Owen, Oliver, Noah, and Tanner. She has four boys! She and her husband want one more and she said she's not even going to hope for a girl because she'll probably be disappointed. The fun part about meeting her is that we were considering Owen and Oliver (and I love the name Noah but Ted vetoed it) for boy name for Crowder #2 before we decided on a boy name. It was good fun. ... and her little boy Tanner is 12 weeks and a monster compared to Gwenna. It scared me a little!

Yesterday it was overcast and drizzly a lot of the day. More overcast than drizzly but it wasn't as warm as the day before and that made me happy.

Yesterday at the movies while I was stuffing sugar into my child - as every truly good parent does to their child at the movies to induce the sugar coma on the ride home - she ended up with 2 fruit snacks stuck under her neck, 1 attaching her to her own shirt and 1 attaching herself to... herself AND a milk dud stuck to her head. She totally didn't care and even though she had to have a second bath after she woke from her sugar coma, it was really funny.

Did I mention milk duds? They always make the day awesome. OH and free movie popcorn. SO GOOD!

Yesterday night Ted and I purchased Gwenna's birthday present (ONE YEAR in ONE MONTH!), her Christmas gifts, and a Christmas gift for our nephew. We have our gift list (those on the nice list anyway) all made out with just a couple holes due to lack of brain power and we're well on our way to having Christmas taken care of. You may think this is a bit early, 6 months before Christmas. But guess who is due to have a baby 3 weeks and 3 days before Christmas? It's me. And I realized that yesterday was exactly 6 months until Christmas (less until my birthday, less until Ted's birthday, less until Gwenna's birthday, less until new baby's birthday! What?? I like birthdays.) ANYWAY! I'm working away at Christmas starting yesterday. It's a good thing.

And even though Gwenna tripped over a pile of dirty towels waiting their turn in line for the spin cycle, gashed her eyelid, and bled way more than I would have liked, she's ok now. Kids bleed. They heal, and dads who are hoping to get into medical school end up feeling super awesome for doctoring them up!

And so far today I was able to grocery shop before 9.00 AND Ted had to drive for a while at work because they were short drivers (dispatcher to the rescue!) so he was able to stop home for a few minutes. He made my day wonderful just by coming to see me and hoisting my big self over the baby gate at the bottom of the stairs for a goooood long kiss ... but then he also took out the trash. My hero! Looks like today might end up as good as yesterday!


Amy Sprinkle said...

Sounds like fun. It also sounds like Gwenna looked like I do when I eat. Stuff everywhere. (And I'm how old?)

I sure comment a lot. I think it's a substitute for being able to walk over to your house whenever. I'll go with that.

kelly said...

Amy, your consistent comments on my blog make me feel like we're still "close" even though we are not. It makes me happy. You could write as much as you want as often as you want and I'd never tire. Thanks for keeping up with the Crowders. It brings me joy. :)

mary watts said...

Good job on the early shopping. Take it from experience as you,my second child born on Dec 22nd. We were in the hospital on christmas and when the gifts were brought out at the family gathering there was one that had initials that no one knew(as christmas labels were hard to find in sept the gifts were all noted with first names or initals) The letters on the package said NB. No one knew it was a gift for New Baby. And remember we didn't have internet back then!

Dusty + Mary Anne said...

i wish i had treats stuck all over my body...then i would never be without a snack.

that, AND i love your new hair!