what i know for sure ... today.

I love the girls in this picture (below) a lot. A lot, a lot. Jessica is my best friend from high school and I'm fortunate enough to keep running into her in various states and for various reasons. And her baby, Ammon, is ADORABLE and a real good kid.

Chocolate chips help a lot for a lot of things in a lot of ways. So eating a lot of them helps a lot.

Grocery shopping with your husband is better than grocery shopping without your husband. But probably only when he spends 9-11 hours a day in class, 4 days a week, works 2 days a week, and you only get to see him fore more than 2 hours at a time on Sunday. Grocery shopping with your husband, even if you have to bring the kids, is better than grocery shopping without him.

So if you're a mom and it's not going right, try more love. Teething? Try a little more love (it probably won't help but it will make you both feel good.) 4 poopy diapers in one day? Rub some love on with that Balmex. A baby who likes to smear applesauce in her hair? LOVE it out. It works, really. I speak from personal experience on all accounts.

If your 11 year old kid (or nephew who is living with you) rides his bike a couple miles and an hour longer than he should have when he was supposed to go around the block once or twice, make him pull weeds. This is great because your weeds get pulled, he learns about consequences, your baby will probably want to watch him out the door the whole time, and you can just read a book on the couch and eat goldfish. ... But of course, this is just one of those suggestions I pulled out of no where.

Make the key lime tart in "The Weekend Baker" because it is wonderful. And it's simple. Just do it and if you don't have access to this glorious book, I'll email you the recipe. Because if you like key lime anything, you'll love this.


Erin said...

Kelly your advice is genious! And hilarious.

The Browns said...

I love key lime anything! =] I love your post!! =]

Dusty + Mary Anne said...

why didn't i think of these things??? pure intelligence...that's what i call this post :)

Heather said...

I don't have a husband, but I concur that grocery shopping with Josh is muuuuch better than grocery shopping without him. I almost always wait to go until he's available (or willing) to go with me.