this could go on forever.

in may of 2010 it is my hope that we as a family will be moving somewhere close to a PA school to embark on a new adventure. ted, me, our 22 month old gwenna, and our 6 months old... other baby. it's kind of a long time from now, but not if you break it down into little steps.

i'm getting stangely excited for christmas this year. gwenna, i think, will be old enought o be excited about it. she's be 17 months. she opened most of her presents last year, at 5 months old. she's alway sbeen very alert and a very "with it" kind of kid... i think she's going to love it. mom, the FUN is back in christmas!!

um, in 24 weeks (less, i hope!) i'm going to have a baby. i'm due dec. 2. i'm finding this hard to believe. i've been shopping for double strollers. they're a wonderful invention but triple strollers scare the living daylights out of me!

in august my husband is going to be a full time NAU student again. we really thought this would never happen. i find it hard to believe that it is, except that he's in school now so that makes me a little more belieiving. i also am surprised my the amount of pride i have in his accomplishments. i thought a return to school was going tobe drugery, requiring a crazy amount of sacrifice on everyone's part ... oh, and it is. in a serious way. but along with that, it becomes a little easier because he is doing SO WELL. and i hope i feel that way come fall semester!

july 31 = gwenna's birthday. i will not gush about it. i'm still in shock that i had a baby. ... and that i'm going to have another. heck, it feels like just yesterday that i got married. this time thing and how fast it passes is unbelieivable. didn't i just move to arizona? ... ELEVEN YEARS AGO! (almost)

on july 9 after my ultrasound and ted's class, we're heading to barstow, ca... where we will spend the night. then we're waking up early and finishing the trek to snta barbara, ca to witness the besch wedding of my cousin, liz to her intended, marty. the crowder family is very VERY much looking forward to this trip. beachy wedding dresse have been purchased for the female crowders, plans to visit the zoo have been made, and a vacation house has been reserved for our family and my sister and her husband. one of the 10 things i'm counting down the days for.

on june 2 D.J. is going home. he'll have been with us for 6 weeks (hardly the entire summer we were planning) but it's time. next summer session for ted is going to be 100% harder than this ones was (and this one has been a doosey... that we're still in the middle of) and his family is missling him like crazy. apparently, when you're a grown up, summer is defined by having your kids home. who knew? i thought it was a countdown until school started back for your kids. mom, what's the verdict?

on sunday we are going to gilbert, where my parents have moved, to visit them, ted's brothers and their families, and wish every male a happy father's day. i also get to see my BEST FRIEND from high school (who lives in Utah) and her BABY who i haven't met yet. i'm REALLY excited! i'm counting down hours.

tomorrow is going to be a long day becasue fridays just are long days in our house with ted working all day. i tend to miss him when he does that.

today i wish i could go shoe shopping and all i even want to wear is my pink flip flops so there's no reason to have any new shoes.

yesterday i spent an hour shopping online and purchased things for my husband, baby... and myself, of course!

yesterday early afternoon the hardys re-entered my life and brought with them perseverance to make gwenna like them. (and cookies.) it totally worked for craig but mostly lisa and i just wanted to talk. and talk and talk and talk.

last tuessday my amazing husband got 104% on his physiology test. he's a genuis and i celebrated his accomplishment with blueberry pie. but just one piece. from fry's. what, you think i have time to make blueberry pies?!

last week i set up my 20 week ultrasound that i will be an appropriate 19 weeks for, just like i was with gwenna and felt like i was getting away with somehing devious.

last month i waged war on serum sickness. i'm SO GLAD that's over.

in april i found out i was pregnant. i was something like 7 weeks late and it didn't phase me at all because what postpartum woman is regular? it was an amazing surprise and sometimes now, i forget i'm pregnant because i feel like i've been pregnant for so long that it's just normal.

yesterday i sewed up curious george again and it reminded meof when we left george in snowflake in january. that was bad!

ten and a half months ago i had a BABY. she's been wandering around my house lately being SO big and grown up and beautiful i can't possibly imagine that she has eveolved from a tiny 5 lb. 12 oz. floppy body of cuteness. but she has and about 11 months ago she wasn't even OUTSIDE of me!

two thanksgivings ago buddy ate a cheeseball, some rolls, and leftover ham. but he didn't get sick because the only thing out of all that food that had the power to make him ill was the bread and it wasn't that much. he is the strangest dog in the world. i STILL miss him.


Amy Sprinkle said...

Hooray Beach! Who does Ted have for Anatomy (if he's taking it through NAU). I thoroughly enjoyed the class and my teacher, I think it was Markel, but I can't be positive. Congrats on the good test score.

katie said...

if only the wedding was one month could stop in pomona and stay with us instead of boring bartsow!!

mary watts said...

Ok I find you have addressed me personally twice and I need to respond...YEAH for the fun being back in Christmas. I sure did miss shopping at toy 'r' us for quite a few years. Also I still think summer is defined by how soon the kids go back to school but also how much fun you can cram into the days that are left.And without anyone going back to school how then do you define fall(at least here in this hot hot valley)?

The Browns said...

Fun Fun! And crazy! Life is good, right??? =]

Heather said...

Siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiigh. I forgot to check your blog again. At least I have much to look forward to catching up on!

I miss Buddy, too. I never even met him, but I have a strong penchant for Bassets.