one year ago.

Some of my friends have been posting things like this lately and it made me think what I was doing one year ago and what I was looking like.

33 weeks pregnant with my darling baby girl, Gwenna.

And, might I add, making 33 weeks pregnant look GOOD!

I was still working at the Institute for Human Development and would be for another two weeks. Ted's job was reclassified and it was determined that we would be staying in Flagstaff rather than moving to Cottonwood, changing doctors, and delivering at a teeny-tiny hospital. (Thank goodness!)

I had just had my baby shower not too long before this time last year. That was a blast and I loved every second of celebrating Gwenna being born!

We were going on walks in the evening with an empty stroller and a leashed dog to teach us all a little something about walking with a baby and a dog. That was awesome.

Otherwise I was just appreciating the Flagstaff summer in all is coolness. Now I'm doing that even more since we have rarely seen an 80 degree day so far. I know it will change, but my pregnant body thanks mother nature for her kindness.

By the beginning of October I'll be at about that same point again, about 33 weeks pregnant but I'm feeling I'm going to look like that picture above in about the beginning of September, if not a little earlier. This baby is bigger than Gwenna, as shown by its' expedited growth over the course of two weeks between an 8 week ultra sound and a 10 week ultra sound. Our due date was moved up over the course of two weeks. Yikes! I'm predicting that when we have our next u/s on July 9 that our due date will be moved up just a little more. We'll see though. Only time will tell.

And what's in a due date, anyway? It's all a bunch of numbers when compared to the readiness of the baby. The baby, in most cases, is MUCH more in control whether he likes it or not!

Hamburger helper is calling my name from the kitchen, begging to be made. So UNluxurious a dinner is hamburger helper but is SUUURE makes us appreciate the good ones!


Amy Sprinkle said...

I've also been thinking about this time a year ago...finishing my first year of teaching, packing to move, helping throw a baby shower, adjusting to humidty...ahh, good times.

Heather said...

Cute pic of you and your little belly. Wahoo for a growing baby! Means we get to see another cute belly soon...