new hair, again.

the last time i went a little wild and got a new style i mentioned that it had been a long time since i was really happy with my hair. having a baby will do that to you!

well, being pregnant will make you feel that same way. so here is my "style".

really, it's just my grown out a-line.

but i went shorter and a lot different this time.

i haven't had bangs this heavy since my freshman year in high school.

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i had no idea what i wanted when i went in but i'm happy with the results. i will admit, i was happier with the results after the a-line experience becuase i knew EXACTLY what i wanted and i got it. it's easy to be happy with that. this time i had no idea what i wanted, but i did get it. i got change and i needed that. it's a lot shorter and a lot more "stylized" and it makes me feel, honestly, kind of cool. it makes my eyes pop more because my face is framed. i was really considering coloring my hair before i got it gut but like my color with this style. and since i haven't colored my hair since about november 2007, i don't think now is the best time to start again. it's so much to keep up on. i'd rather get my hair cut regularly than get it clored regularly. it's easier on the pocketbook and takes less time. ... just my theory though, for my hair.

so i'm happy. i'm growing into it more and more and i'm really glad to have a fun change. it makes me feel cute again, which is pretty vital at this stage in the pregnancy when i could easily just slump around everyday in my yoga pants and ted's t-shirts.


Amy Sprinkle said...

Very nice hair. I like it. I am taking the opposite hair approach (at least until I change my mind). I am letting it grow out to see how long it will get it 9 months time and then chopping it off to the shortness I like. We'll see if I can keep it up.

The Browns said...

Way cute! I like it!!

amber said...

So cute! It's great that you are being proactive, because I am certainly lazing about the house in tshirt and sweats! You definitely remind me that I need to get out a little :)

Casey said...

Adorable--you look great with bangs!

Heather said...

Way cute kelly! And yes, your eyes totally POP!

Ted said...

Thanks for freeing up my T-shirts! I like to where them too!!

love you Muffincups!

Erin said...

You look great with bangs!! Not many people can pull that off.

Heather said...

Woot for cute changes!