the crowder family shin dig.

Do you see that look on Gwenna's face? That pretty much sums up my feelings of the past week. I can't believe how fast she's growing, how busy we've been, the changes out family is experiencing... It's a lot to take in, let me tell you!

The most major of all events in our past week was the Crowder kid family reunion. Not the Crowder side of the family, but Ted's siblings. They had not been all together since his dad passed away in 2005. Isn't that terrible? And it still was not a success as Tracy, the oldest sister, was not in attendance. But DJ was and he is her son... so does that kind of count?

Ted is in school full swing, labs, lectures, and supplemental instruction sessions and all! So we headed down to the valley after his class was out last Tuesday and got home at 11.00 that night. Some people might call us crazy to spend 6 hours driving to spend only 4 hours with family but we sure don't think so. It was a lot of fun.

Gwenna was asleep (and deep!) before we pulled up to Todd's house so it was a bit of a shock to the senses to suddenly be in a house with so many people and with two dogs and a bunch of those people being crazy kids! She was pretty stand-off-ish for a while but she eventually warmed up to everyone. This past week she met an aunt and 4 cousins she had not previously met as well as an uncle and his girlfriend at the reunion. It was shock to the system I think so have that many people together she didn't know. But I sure love her cendid expressions. This one above is something along the lines of "I thiiiiiink I want to play, but it miiiight just be safer here behind daddy."

She's SUCH a daddy's girl!

I am SO SAD that this is the closest I got to a family picture and not even all the kids are in it... meaning Ted's brothers and sister. But it does epitomize the essence of what I feel any good Crowder family get together inspires and that is GAMES! Here, it's Zilch, the new Crowder family craze since late last year when cousin Gina introduced us to it.

My darling nephew and niece (JD and Erika [and yes, we have a JD and a D]). I met them for the first time in my LIFE this past week. Erika sure was fond of Gwenna. They're sweet kiddos.

Oh, and really, no Crowder family get together would be complete without a bouncer.

No, not someone to throw out the non-Crowders... although, that might not be a bad idea since we have so much fun. But more along the lines of a big blow up thingy that you jump in and may or may not include water or sumo suits or other accessories.

Two Thanksgivings ago it was a boxing ring (I posted about that lot time ago) and I was pregnant with Gwenna at the time. I decided to jump - DESPITE THE MANUFACTURER'S WARNING - and couldn't walk right for a week. It was bad news, indeed. This time, even though it was a FIVE IN ONE WATER BOUNCER (siiiiiiiiiiiiiigh!) I opted out. I thought Jenny and I (my pregnant sister-in-law) could maybe go after eveyone else cleared out... but that was my theory two Thanksgivings ago too. Lesson learned.

I digress.

Bouncers. It's Todd's line of work and boy does he bring home the goods for family get togethers.

See Todd above on the left, looking... manly? That was the goal at least.

The kids (seven in all) all got in and all the men did as well, as well as sister Theresa and Thom's girlfriend Alex (who we LOVE). It was constantly filled with people and someone was always sliding downthe slide and almost onto the concrete. I can't tell you how many times I winced in pain as various wet bodies landed on the driveway, squeezed out of the netted entrance in a rebirth like fashion. It wasn't pretty. But it was fun.

After games, food, the bouncer, and chatting, we headed over to the pool. DJ really likes water. At one point when the bouncer was full of people and it was wet and wild he came to the net side where I was standing and said, "Now THIS is what I call summer vacation!" - which if you knew him in the slightest would be such a typical DJ comment that you actually could have predicted he would say it. He's sliiiiightly precocious.

So swimming, horseshoes, and then, sadly, as the sun slipped behind the mountains, it was time for the Crowders of the north to mosey back on up the mountain.

Rarely is there a good shot of Gwenna and me and I think this fulfills the criteria. I was really proud of how she warmed up to her cousins and aunts and uncles. She didn't treat them all nicely, but overall she did well. She's a good kiddo.

And a family picture before hitting the road, courtsey of Todd. We have so few of these, I wish we had more. (oh, and this is me, 14 weeks pregnant. what baby?!)

So that's our biggest, most recent event. I've been a bit slothful in updating recently. I hope I've redeemed myself... to the 6 or 7 people who still read my private blog.


amber said...

sounds like so much fun! It makes me want to go swimming now!

The Browns said...

Aw!! So fun! What a great day!

Amy Sprinkle said...

I'm glad it was fun. I would have wanted to go on the bouncy thing too.

Today I woke up thinking, "Wow, my belly is big! I think I actually might look pregnant today!" But alas, as I was walking up to bear my testimony Wes could hear someone behind us say, "She doesn't even look pregnant." Overall, I'll take it.

Heather said...

Totally redeemed. Gwenna is as cute as ever.

Heather said...

Good times. I am sooo glad Gwenna is better, that last pic was so sad.

Christi said...

Hey I still read your blog! Looks like you guys had tons of fun! Gwenna is such a cutie...