what's new with the cheetah girl?

Oh. My. Goodness.

Have you ever wanted to bake cookies for the pharmaceutical industry? No? Me either... until yesterday.

Let's start at the beginning. The dermatologist's office. Um, this doctor, he was a TOTAL hot dog. We're talking the kind of guy that should not work with children. Although, the 4 other doctors he brought in to examine Gwenna were great with her. How did we end up with such a hot dog?!

But wanna know a secret? Even hot dogs can know their business and HE DOES. I don't ever want to go back to him but he did the job right.

Gwenna has Serum Sickness. It's similar to an antibiotic allergy (which is what the 4 pediatricians and 1 urgent care PA thought she was suffering from) but with Serum Sickness your body actually fights against the foreign agent (i.e. medicine) and reacts much more negatively. It is almost always a pretty severe rash accompanied by joint pain and inching or burning of the skin. The joint pain is something I know she was experiencing because all she wanted to do while she has had this rash is sit in my lap and have her arms and legs rubbed.

Then, yesterday, that all changed. You see, the goodly people and my Walgreens neighborhood pharmacy (I can say that, since there are only 2 in Flagstaff, unlike Mesa) hooked us up with a sweet dose of miracle elixer. It smells bad and I'm SURE it tastes bad because Gwenna has to be tipped back considerably to swallow it.

But - OH! - how we love what it does to her precious little body.

Seriously folks, last night, I got my baby back.

She was crawling, walking, doing headstands (with 1 foot on the ground, don't be alarmed), drinking bath water, following her cousin, laughing, kissing her daddy... All things we've been missing the past 4 days. It feels SO GOOD to have my baby back. I missed her. A lot.

The following are two pictures. The first is Gwenna on Wednesday afternoon (It's small b/c it's kind of disturbing if it's large. But you can click it to enlarge it if you're that kind of person who likes to cry over really sad looking babies.) The second snapshot is of Gwenna last night before her bath. The difference is substancial and amazing.

Really, I might be busy all this afternoon making cookies for the good people at Pfizer... that's the only drug company that comes to mind, I have no idea if they're responsible for Gwenna's elixer of life.

So there. I feel better. Now you know that Gwenna is not on the brink of death by pink cheetah rash. She has improved drastically.

Oh, oh my! I almost forgot the best part!

Last night...



From 10:45 to about 7, we slumbered dreamily, dead to the world. It was amazing. I haven't slept through the night in days. We were spending our nights with a naked but diapered baby, wrapped in a super soft blanket, rubbing her irritated skin from 11.30 to 3.00 when she'd pass out from sheer exhaustion.

Sleep, glorious SLEEP! I've missed you.

And my sweet baby, happy as a Crowder once again. I missed her too.


Ted said...

Sleeping is wonderful and can I get some of those cookies?

kelly said...

ha! fat chance regular joe who doesn't make elixir of life for a living.

but you can lick the beaters.

Jewel said...

I'm SO glad she's feeling better--it's miserable when your baby isn't feeling good. And hopefully you'll not only get to sleep at night, but you'll also get naps during the day, pregnant mommy, you!!! I'm so impressed by your fortitude!

The Browns said...

oh yay! I'm so glad she's better! Poor girl! And poor Mom and Dad! I hate those nights! Yay for elixir of life and yay for happy babies!

Lindsey said...

Once upon a time, my friend Kelly went private on her blog. I, being an avid user of Google Reader, wondered from time to time why Kelly hadn't posted in a VERY long time. Then, one fateful day Kelly left me a comment on my blog eluding to women getting pregnant. At first, I didn't catch quite what she was saying... and then it hit me that I haven't checked her private blog in some time, and she was refering to herself. WOW!!! Almost peed my pants : )
CONGRATULATIONS!!! Are you hoping for a boy or girl? Either way, that is so exciting!
P.S. Those pictures of your sweet girl made me want to cry (ok, more than want, I admit a couple tears slipped out). I am so glad she is getting better!

camilla said...

oh my gosh! those pictures! tears! sad! :( poor gwenna and parents!

Dusty + Mary Anne said...

oh goodness! well i'm certainly glad she's feeling better. that is just about the saddest thing i ever did see. poor gwenna baby...bless her pea pickin' heart.

Amy Sprinkle said...

I'm glad Gwenna is feeling better. I am jealous you got to sleep through the night. I generally wake up twice to have to use the bathroom. Wait, maybe I'm not jealous. I didn't have to fret over my bundle of joy after waking up. Anyways, I am wondering how my ultrasound Wednesday is going to go where I have to have a FULL BLADDER! I hope I don't accidentally wet myself.

On another note, I am starting to feel little Bromus kick me from the inside. It is a cool feeling!

Heather said...

AUGH! I curse the fact that private blogs don't show up in an RSS feed and I always forget to check!!! I had no idea any of this was going on, but I'm so glad she's better.

But I must say... she is FIERCE, even with those bumps and spots.

Erin said...

Oh my goodness Kelly!! I clicked to enlarge the pictures and it IS disturbing! Poor little lady. Having a sick kid is the pits. I'm so glad she's doing better.