what grand canyon?

i know i said i'd post about the grand canyon, but we had a really nice night tonight all due to my really amazing friends.

today was a hard day. gwenna has gotten worse. we've been back to the doctor and she was seen by 2 more doctors today plus her regular pediatrician. tomorrow it's off to a dermatologist because her rash is beyond the kiddo docs' realm of specialty. it's getting a little crazy around here. i wish ted was home all day. he makes everything better. i love my husband!

i digress.

so tonight was great because my wonderful friends and fellow primary presidency memebers brought dinner to us. seriously, it was SO GOOD. all of it. and we still have some left over and i can't TELL you how that makes my heart leap with joy!! - with a sick baby, an 11 year old boy, a pregnant wife, and a husband who works all day... no one really wants to cook these days.

at any rate, the grand canyon will be blogged about some day. hopefully. but as for tonight, as ted and dj and gwenna watch the new season of "wipeout" (a terible show about getting hurt doing stupid things that we all inexplicably like... yes, all of us) i'm sitting out to blog because i'm happy. and i don't want to forget that.

because my belly is full of ymminess. and gwenna is not crying. and ted is home. and dj told gwenna's doctor he's so glad i'm his aunt. and i have wonderful friends who made me dinner and wonderful friends who came by to check on us last night. and i don't want to forget that.

it's been too long since i did a good talking photo montage.

just keep in mind, i didn't name the bread. the boys did. i don't even really know how it happened. it just did. but it was hilarious and i love my family.

post note -

off to the dermotologist tomorrow, as i mentioned. i really hope she knows how to make my baby better. because from minute to minute her rash changes and her legs are fat(ter than normal) and her feet were purple for a while and NO ONE (except DJ) is sleeping. it couldn't hurt to remember us in your prayers, if you think of it. i know we'd appreciate it.


Amy Sprinkle said...

I am SOOOO glad you have wonderful people to take care of you! Sending happy thoughts your way and praying for your little family.

Christi said...

Aww man, I'm so sorry! I can't even imagine how crazy that is!! Good luck with everything!!

Heather said...

Bless everyone's little heart Kelly! I am so sorry! I hope the might derm can save the day and make everything better. You still have your cute sense of humor and that counts for something. And you are still blogging, waaaaay impressive.

PS: Do we still have to word verify even though you are private??