a (possibly) too leisurely hike

Earlier this week the Crowder family took a leisurely hike. We really enjoy leisurely hikes in Flagstaff, where the weather (even when it's 101 in Phoenix) is beautiful most of the spring (once it gets here!) and summer.

Alright, now just for the record, Gwenna fell asleep on the drive to the trail. Ted got her into the carrier (which is awesome AND pink... awesome because it's pink?) and she continued to sleep.

It was mostly a shady trail with lots of hills. We took it slow, drank lots of water, and of course we took tons of pictures!

Meanwhile, Gwenna continued to sleep.

For some reason Ted and I both got a really big kick our of this dead tree that seemed be be growing another tree out of it.

Of course, it wasn't really so, but it seemed to us that this was the case and the inevitable picture taking ensued.

We saw tons of fast, scurrying wild life on our hike. Gophers, squirrels, rabbits, horned toads (I accidently killed it!), lizards. I love living so close to wildlife, no matter how small... except if it's really small... like yesterday, when I found two spiders in my house.

I digress.

This is my almost-11-weeks belly shot, we decided. I know, I look REALLY BIG just like I did with Gwenna. I might luck out, again.

Meanwhile, Gwenna slept.

Flopped over, pacifier eventually falling from her sweet droopy lips and lodging itself between her and the carrier.

Ted told me, after I took this picture, that if a man wears flowers over his left ear, it means he's married.

I think it just means he's awesome and lets his wife take embarassing pictures of him. When I removed the flowers once we had returned to the car, wilted and lifeless, he had forgotten they were there.

It was about this point in the hike that we realized that this particular trail was nameless. I suggested Batman and since Ted didn't counter, I think it's official.

We had a really great time hiking Batman. We sure enjoy hiking as a family but haven't done it much since Gwenna was born. But it sure is hiking season and we're loving it all over again.

Meanwhile, Gwenna slept.

And slept. And all the way home, she slept. She slept for two more hours once we got home and she still slept the whole night through.

I love my baby.

But I can't BELIEVE she missed Batman.

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Amy Sprinkle said...

All that sleeping must be the good side of teething. I'll have to remember: teething baby, take a huke outdoors, fall asleep (I wish!).