Just a Proud Mama.

Really, I'm just posting this because I'm so proud of my walking baby. She amazes me. She had a little set back while she was sick but now she's up and ready to run again. What a gal!

Grandmas, enjoy!

Everyone else, enjoy too. But probably not as much as the grandmas. Even though she's amazing.


p.s. Don't you LOVE how excited she is that she can walk? I do.


Nicole said...

So, funny short story in a comment box: Andrew and I were watching our amazing niece walking and I was super excited. And he said, "Wow, I'm impressed!" and I said, "Me too, look at her go" and he said, oh is walking new for her? I was talking about the video quality on the blog but the walking's cool too..." Oh silly Andrew. But seriously, she can move now!

kelly said...

two thoughts about that: first, i love that andrew still catches my blog now and then b/c i was honored when he said he caught it now and then, back when we were in illinois. seriously. second: it's actually compressed and poorer quality than it could be. so, yeah, those are my thoughts. :)

The Browns said...

Aw!! That's so cute! I love the baby walk!!

Amy Sprinkle said...

She is VERY excited about the walking thing. Ah, aren't the simple things in life like walking grand?

Heather said...

I love the excitement. I could use that sort of excitement in my life. May I borrow her?

Erin said...

GO GWENNA!! That's awesome Kelly. Ellie just started too and it is so fun to watch them GO. You have such a stinkin cute little girl.