Sick baby.

Since Wednesday.

Sick mom.

Since Saturday.

Sick PREGNANT mom.

That's just cruel.

Meanwhile, we've had Gwenna's fan on in her room every night and today one of the nurses at the pediatrician's office told us that will make her cough ten times worse.


What do you miss when you're sick?

Well, in my case, visiting teaching, a baby shower, a wedding reception, church (hence sitting at home, blogging while the baby is asleep), subsequent church training meeting, kissing my husband, being able to stand without feeling like you're going to fall over, regular food...

It's pretty much the pits. I'd recommend to any and every mom NOT to get sick. Don't ask me how to avoid it, just take my advice and don't let it happen.

Because, really, this could happen to you!


Amy Sprinkle said...

That DID happen to me and it was AWFUL! I was sick to my stomach, couldn't things down, and boy was I glad I was only sick and that it wasn't morning sickness kicking in. That would have been terrible. Kudos to those women who have that kind of morning sickness and still go on!

I hope you and Gwenna get well soon.

Amy Sprinkle said...

Another random thought from 2 blocks which direction are you moving?

kelly said...

Amy, towards West, not 4th, so in the direction we were already going when we moved here two years ago.

Heather said...

BOO! I'm sorry you're sick. It doesn't really mean anything, but know that I hope you feel better soon. Like really sincerely hope you do.

Amy Sprinkle said...

Have fun speaking at the Grand Canyon. I seriously thought, hmm, I don't have school on Monday, maybe I could hop a plane this weekend. Then I remembered I told someone I'd be at church on Sunday. It would be really nice to go back to the Grand Canyon. Enjoy it!