are we having fun yet??

I think I'm going to be asking myself this a lot this summer.

I hope I get a positive response ... from myself.

May 22 marks the addition of one 11 year old boy to our home. Our nephew DJ, who currently lives in Colorado, is coming to stay the summer with us. We're anticipating swimming lessons and riding bikes and summer reading and library trips and short, sporadic road trips. I'm anticipating a lot of mac n' cheese and the semi-regular summer anthem "I'm booooooooored" - but I've been trying hard to plan around that.

June 1 marks the start of something BIG. Something we (read: Ted and Kelly) were pretty sure would never happen. Ted starts BACK to school.

Anatomy and Physiology. Again.

Ted took A&P 1 and 2 in Arkansas before moving to Arizona a bazillion years ago. But now he has to retake them so they are taken within 5 calendar years of the time he applies to PA school. (All SIX of the schools he's applying to). A&P - fresh in his mind. Second summer session will bring a random chemisty and the fall will slap us with A&P 2, Organic Chemisty, and bio-something-or-other. (I'm a very involved wife, can't you tell?)

It's good. Ted's working so had toward his goal of PA school. Volunteering in the ER at FMC, shadowing a PA at North Country (county clinic) ... getting ready to jump back into school. Oh, and his finished the GRE, he kicked it's butt, too. We were very glad. He worked hard to be ready for the GRE and he was successful.

So, big summer things coming up.

Meanwhile, I'm packing. I'd like to share some thoughts on packing.


I hate you.


... Ok, really it's not THAT bad but after being here for more than 2 years we have established a fine nest of crap, so it seems. For every two boxes we pack, we fill a trash bag. I really don't think that's exagurating. It sounds a little extreme, but we've filled 5 and a half trash bags and 3 bags for Goodwill. Can' you believe that? It's hard for me to see. Brings on a whole new slew of thoughts relating to American consumerism and wanting what you have and all that jazz.

Oh but it's cleanising. People, I pulled more than a bag of trash out of my half bathroom. It's an under-the-stairs bathroom. Seriously, what WAS all that?? There was a lot of expired things and old things I didn't know where under the sink but what was the rest of that? When was the last time you cleaned out your medicine cabinet? Did you know alcohol for cleaning wounds and other minor owies can expire? It can, and mine did about 6 months ago. WEIRD.

Re-cap: DJ coming (Ted driving there now = me missing my usband who would otherwise be at work = weird because he still wouldn't be here) SOON, looking foward to a fun-filled summer, Ted back to the ejamacation grind, packing is evil but cleansing, re-caps could be at the start of a post and save a lot of unnecessary (yet hopefully enjoyable) details.

PS - How should I celebrate the end of my first trimester? Food? Pampering? A trip to Tahiti (which isn't even possible...)? Suggestions would be appreciated. I believe in celebrating the steps in the process of the celebrating is just too far away!


Adam and Dani said...

Wow! So much going on! Let me know if there is anything I can do to help out!

Amy Sprinkle said...

I hope you enjoy having DJ around! It sounds like you will. A way to celebrate...hmmm...go out to eat (a favorite of mine), get a yummy cake and sing happy birthday (just because), make grapefruit merengue pie but remember the corn starch. Happy Friday to you!

Heather said...

Cap (Because I haven't done it yet so it can't very well be a "re-cap," can it?): Good luck with the 11-year old. Hopefully it will be a learning experience and fun and not too stressful. BOO to packing!! I hate it. HATE it. But you're totally right about the cleansing aspect. And I do enjoy the accomplished feeling it affords. Ugh to school, but yay to PA school! And the details of the post were completely enjoyable. I just wish I remembered to check more often now that you're private.

As for the PS, I'm all for a pampering session to mark the successful end of the first trimester.

Erin said...

You are so funny. I just love you!

Good luck with DJ!!