I've been agonizing about how to approach a certain subject on my blog. There are just so many ways to discuss it.

But really, do I want to agonize over something like that? - How to post something on my blog? There are SO many other things I could agonize over.

Like the fact that I can't get down the stairs if the gate is up so I rarely put it up but every time I turn around Gwenna is climbing, climbing, climbing. ...

Or moving in two weeks. We're moving... in TWO WEEKS! Still in Flagstaff, still in our neighborhood... two blocks away. Just like we did two years ago! Guess we like to keep our steps baby small (except that Gwenna's are HUGE). Anyway, a WHOLE HOUSE to pack up! YIKES!!

I could agonize over the fact that my car is really, seriously dirty. Inside and out. Ugly. I keep intending to wash it. It just isn't happening.

Or insurance! Now that was a trip... working out what to do about insurance since Ted is making changes at work. I mean, it's completely covered now and we're all set and insured, but I really could have agonized over that. I let Ted handle that agonizing and he did it well!

Anyway, as I said, I could agonize over probably 100 different things!

But instead I worry about how to tell you I'm pregnant.

What about this? I could have just posted this picture and have been totally happy.

Or I could have shown you this gem which Ted made his computer desktop at work about three weeks ago. Before I would have liked.

She sure is cute.

Or I could have directed you to the bottom of my blog where I have my pregnancy ticker. Where my friend Pam found it the day after I put it there. I could have even just moved it up to the top, or put it on the sidebar, like my tandem pregnant friend Candace (BTW, Candace, my doctor moved my due date up. Me?? That's almost impossible. Moved it back, moved it up... anyway, we don't have the same due date anymore. Not that a due date means that much, right?).

I could have had Ted, one of the authors of this blog (did you know that?), write a little something about the inutero child we temporairly call Frank (Gwenna was Nemo) who told him to get me a bath mat for the shower for Mother's Day so I don't slip. Cute, huh? Yeah, it sort of runs in the family, it seems.

I could have scanned a copy of either of the TWO ultrasounds I've had to show you how Frank is growing like CRAZY.

I could have told you we have names picked out for the next kiddo - boy or girl! a feat of amazing proportions after Gwenna - and then you'd wonder why. Probing questions would ensue. It would have been fun, I imagine.

But I didn't. I just agonized over it until I was 11 weeks along, almost done with my first trimester. And you missed out on so many of my thoughts, how this pregnancy has differed from Gwenna. You missed my reaction to the positive test, the decision to move into a bigger house, how I initially felt about having two kiddos while Ted will be in medical school... gosh. Sure sorry you missed out on all of it.

At any rate, I guess I'm not agonizing over it anymore.
I'm so glad we had this talk.


Heather said...

Okay, I need details about med school. Have you applied yet or still in the baby steps of the nenver ending circus that is med school apps?

And super congrats! I wasn't expecting such an announcement and am happy for you.

kelly said...

Heather, because it's PA school rather than the normal med school process you are all too familiar with, apps pretty much, as a general rule of thumb, open in about July and close about the end of Oct. ... We're getting there. Finishing up some pre-reqs this summer (retaking one b/c you have to have it within a certain amount of time from when you apply)and working his butt off volunteering at the ER and a county clinic... taking the GRE in a week... let's see... that's about all the prep we have right now. We're applying to SIX (count them, six) schools the first round and we'll see where that gets us. OH! and we have school visits set up through the end of this month at 3 schools. So, that's where we are. PA programs, mostly, begin in June or July (like a lot of master's programs do) and so we apply now for next year. *siiiiiiiigh* That was a lot. Hope it covers all the bases. Can't wait, though. We're really excited!!

Heather said...

Alrighty. I just went back to the first time you mentioned "med school" and read your response. Sorry for the tardy understanding. PA school, not med school. That is much nicer and shorter. Double congrats all around, I think it is great and PA school with 2 kids, you will be fine! Good luck with the process, it is rigorous either way. Where will you apply to PA school?

Heather said...

And you are speedy on your reply! Congrats, you both sound like you ahve your heads on straight, good luck again with the process. Crossing our fingers you get in speedily and get on with your awesome life.

kelly said...

Heather, we're looking at 2 schools in AZ, 1 in NM, 1 in AR, and 2 in Pennsylvania (don't know the abrev. for that state). Top picks are, of course, closest to home. Have you guys decided to go through with med school or not?

Joey & Tiffanye said...

Congrats! How exciting! I love how you posted this! woot woo!

Heather said...


Two (TWO!) insanely delicious Crowder babies to oo and aw over now? I can hardly stand it. YAY!

P.S. Didn't you just do some remodeling in your house? That's a bummer. I was also under the impression that you owned your house. If that's right, eek on the selling of it, eh?

kellygreen said...

we just repainted one room. not a big deal as we're in a constant state of painting.

we're renting out our house - which will be a great benefit to us to see how it runs before we (possibly) move out of state for school.

all in all, it's pretty win/win...

'Garrett's mom' said...

Oh CONGRATULATIONS!!! I was just looking at your facebook today and wondered when you were going to have another baby. CONGRATULATIONS! I am so happy for you!

kelly said...

thanks, amy! you're certainly the firs person to wonder that and you wondered at the right time, i guess!

Casey said...

Um YAAAAYYY!!! Congrats, Crowders!

Amy Sprinkle said...

Too bad I wasn't there with a spare pregnancy test to spare with you, sigh. Excitingly, babies about the same time (now we just need to live closer together...)

Christi said...

WOW!! I can't believe it!! Was this planned? I can't believe you are this far along!! How fun for you guys, congrats!!

Erin said...

I stop reading for ONE WEEK and this happens?! CONGRATS!!! Checking your blog is going to have to be a daily activity from now on.

I love that I was able to give you a little heads up with our baby girls. And I love that now you'll be giving me a heads up on having two instead of one. (Not like that will be happening for me any time soon).

I want to hear your reaction and all of those other things we missed out on during the first trimester!

kelly said...

ha, Erin! that'll teach you! :) Did you read the hike post first and flip out? oh, you probably saw the baby ticker, since i moved it to the top... anyway, i thought that was funny. :)

amber said...

Doesn't it feel good to spill the beans? Good luck with everything, moving and all!