things i like.

i thought, since i have very little to blog about but still had the desire to blog, that i would share some of the things that i like today. who doesn't like to read about things that make people happy? i do.

gwenna isn't sick anymore!! gwenna was stricken with croup since saturday and as of this morning, she's finally doing much better. she only spent half the night in our bed (a big accomplishment since saturday night) and her cough is pretty minimal. not the characteristic croup bark anymore, but much better sounding. *phew!* it's such a relief when your little one recovers... even though you know she will, it's good to be through the rough part. ... now if we can just avoid this swine flu.

... speaking of, ted volunteers in the ER at FMC on preparation for med school (first you're hearing of this?) and in the 4 hours he was there over 15 people (i think) came in thinking they had swine flu. INSANE! the first case in AZ has been confirmed but i doubt it was in flagstaff.

i'm getting excited for my nephews to come out to AZ from AR for the summer! one nephew is staying with us and the other two (pictured) are my brother-in-law tim's boys and they spend every summer with tim and jenny. we're going to have fun this summer! i'm really looking forward to it. ... poor boys will have no pup to torture this year!

todd and yumi (brother-in-law and sister-in-law) came through flagstaff and had dinner with us last night. it was really fun to have them there and ted once again kicked everyone's butts at zilch - which is a bit of a family craze these days. i love living somewhere that family and friends pass through frequently and can stay for a while. close enough to friends and family who are out of town and just far enough away... from the heat.

i love that everytime goggy sends something to gwenna (clothes, a purple bunny for easter, etc.) it smells like her. youth dew, by este lauder. i don't know if she does it on purpose but it smells like her just the same. i think this is one way gwenna will become more familiar with her great grandma so she knows her when she meets her.

oh, and i also like that our strawberry plants are growing like CRAZY the past week or two. can't WAIT to taste the sweet results!!


Heather said...

Things I like:

Kelly's happy blog
Kelly's pretty baby.

Heather said...

Wowzer! Med school huh? Care to talk? We have been jockeying back and forth whether we really want to do it. Today, it is yes, we are going...tomorrow? It is such a big commitment and sacrifice. But you are early on in the process and probably haven't given it a second thought, we didn't. Then it sneaks up on you and you are oly 3! months away and crap! Do we really wnat to give up 8+ years of our life, potential income, dive into 6-figure debt and.... I have more reasons. But good for you guys! It is a worthy dream, I will let you know how ours ends.

kelly said...

oh heather, MUUUUUCH different situation here. Ted is going to PA school... still med school, but shorter and no to be a doctor, to be (duh!) a PA. we're all in. we don't have a choice in the matter.

but before ted decide what he wanted to do, we had those same thoughts about 8+ (eegads!) years and the debt and the time away from family and ... well, you know what i'm talking about. ... ted starts applying in about a month and application processes for various schools end in october.

The Haban Family said...

Kelly ... I DID need to hear that. Thank you. You are a sweet, sweet woman and I love you for your comment!!! :o)

Erin said...

I'm a little jealous that you have strawberries! I want some. Right now.

Amy Sprinkle said...

The wonderful amoutns of rain we have had in OK lately have made my strawberry bush blossom and some berries are already in the works.

On antoher note, my older sister always seemed to get that croup stuff. No fun. Glad Gwenna is getting better!

Jewel said...

I'm really glad Gwenna's feeling better!! Jack had a cold this last week, and it broke my heart to hear him sniffle and's no fun to hear your little one uncomfortable.
Thanks for your comment, by the way--I'm sorry we weren't able to stop in on our way up (we went through Payson, rather than Flagstaff--it's shorter), but now that we're only two hours away AND we live right next to the should come visit on your next temple trip. Or we'll come visit you on our next trip to civilization. :) I sure love you!!