sometimes i feel like we live in a movie.

Maybe it's just that movies are SO lifelike... Oh yes, I'm SURE that's what it is.

The weirdest headlines have been popping up lately.

"Pirates Assalt U.S. Vessel off Coast of Somolia"


"U.S. Power Grid was Infiltrated by Spies"

These kinds of things catch me off guard and make me think of a Hollywood staffed and memorized existence rather than real life.

But I know pirates came from somewhere, not just the Caribbean (apparently my kitchen, with some good homemade pizza) and they're not gone. They may not be thriving in the way they once were but they're out there. Ooooh they're out there! (I was trying to sound paranoid, did it work?)

And the power grid being infiltrated by spies? That just sounds like the plot of a killer action movie. Sort of a boy spy vs. girl spy, the overdone plot that's oh-so-very popular these days.

Of course these things are nothing to laugh at. Neither headline is good in anyway. Except that the pirates had to flee in a dingy. That's funny and good. Oh and the spies left behind a trail of information that pointed to some really bad breaches in national security. So we can learn from this!

So to wrap it up, pirates are still out there, waiting - no! - PLOTTING to get us and once again our national security flaws have been pointed out by our enemies, indirectly.

So not funny. Except that headlines make it seem so.


Jewel said...

Just gotta say--you make a cute pirate. And I'm sure you'd have enough class to flee in something other than a dinghy. That's just darn hilarious.

Erin said...

I love that you're dressed like a pirate. What's the occasion? The headlines?

kelly said...

Oh gosh no. That's an archive picture from last halloween. But that's for thinking me that festive.

I actually think the whole pirate thing is really sad and re-reading my post I don't know if it comes off that way. I can't believe the captain tried to escape and they reeled him back in. I sure hope me makes it out ok.