oh ron.

he lied.
it was bad.
lying is always bad, but ESPECIALLY when you lie on TELEVISION.

you know those V8 commercials with the hollow sounding head bonk?
that's what i felt like doing to ron.


does anyone else think ron is the godfather of biggest loser?

"leave the gun, take the cannoli."

I started watching Biggest Loser last year. I was pregnant with Gwenna and Ted had class Tuesday nights. We didn't watch anything regularly, other than Chuck (which we are {read: I am} still devoted to). But about 6 weeks in I caught an episode while being and NAU widow one week. In the evening I had little energy to do anything else and once I started watching, I was hooked.

I didn't even watch this season or remember it was on but one Tuesday, several weeks into the season, I had a meeting of some sort in the evening - I can't remember what it was - and Ted had it on when I got home. I had completely forgotten about how I had obsessively watched last season. It's all Ted's fault. ... We even tried to tape it so we could fast forward the commercials and that attempt was humorously foiled. But really, spending two hours in the middle of the week, watching people work out and learn how to be healthy and then STAB EACH OTHER IN THE BACK (sorry, last night was a little crazy) equates to two hours I could be doing something much more productive. (And when I think of that something, surely I'll do it.)

And yet, I'm drawn.
What IS the allure of this show?
I can't figure it out.


Heather said...

Ron is a butt. I missed last night's and almost all of the week before, but he revealed his butt-ness a few weeks ago. In the beginning he seemed totally nice and genuine. But no - he's a butt.

(I have very profound opinions.)

kelly said...

I didn't think he was a butt until last night. I was so disappointed in him. Ted was too ... "He just ruined what could have been a life long friendship." I love my husband's thought process. ... If you need a summary, I'm good for it.

Sam and Jamie Taylor said...

Yeah... apparently he thought if the cameras weren't in his room, he could get away with telling his son to vote out Kristin... 'cause he "would never write her name down." And then to lie to Ali at the vote, and throw his son under the bus, "He voted for him." I wanted to scream! If I'm Kristin at home right now, watching this, I am ticked off to the max!

(By the way, did I tell you already that I saw Dane and Blaine each at Walmart and Costco--respectively--in the last couple weeks? Very genuine guys. I wish them both luck as the runner's up at the finale.)

PS. I will DEFINITELY read your blog if you go private. You're one of my favs!

Sam and Jamie Taylor said...

Oh, and PPS... Chuck is the best! I'm always intrigued as to how they're gonna spin the story next. Love it!!

Christi said...

I have not liked Ron for a LONG time, if you notice, he usually just quits every challenge (except last night's challenge) and he always tells people who to vote for. I LOVE this show, we have watched since the 1st season and I just can't get enough.

heidi said...

ah oh! i love this show too but i watch it week late on the internet. so obviously i missed something