my thoughts today.

i have wanted blackberries all day, no, all week. they're one of the most summery foods i can imagine on this, the 15th of april, when it is snowing.

i made the cutest baby present for a friend today. i'm excited to give it to her.

i have the best husband in the world. i was feeling junky yesterday so gwenna and i lounged all day. by time it was 8:00 i felt so sluggish that i needed to move! but gwenna was in bed and in our colorful neighborhood i'm not apt to walk alone after dark. so ted jogged in place through the Biggest Loser commercials with me. that's right, i have the best husband in the world.

this little girl is getting way to big way too fast. she walks around backwards, pulling things with her to steady herself. she wants to walk SO bad!

border czar is a seriously cool title, but i don't envy the position.

the episode of Gilmore Girls where rory leaves for yale is the msot depressing episode of GG ever. i bet my mom would think so too.

my dashing husband is starting back to school this summer. amazed? welcome to the club? excited? well, like i said, about the club... welcome.

laundry stacks up in my house faster than dishes but both seem impossible to keep up on. but i'm ok with that because i like gwenna more than any of that stuff.


Dusty + Mary Anne said...

whoa gwenna! walking around like that...amazing!

it snowed (a lot) here yesterday too. i'm kinda sick of the spring weather yo-yo.

Amy Sprinkle said...

Here here to the pile of dishes. At least I have a dishwasher now!

kelly said...

Oh Amy. You act as if that should make it easier... wait, it should! AHHH! :)

Sam and Jamie Taylor said...

So, you watch BL, too? Guess what? (These are my lame claims to fame... sort of...) We saw Dane at Wal-mart the other day, and then a week later, Blaine was at Costco! Both very nice people. When Dane saw we recognized him, he came over to talk to us about the show, etc. And Blaine's wife was the one who chatted it up with us at Costco. Here's hoping one of them wins the "at-home" prize... My money's on Blaine.