"don't feEence me in"

Don't get my wrong, I really love how mobile Gwenna has gotten. It's a lot of fun! But at times it's scary. Let me explain.

Gwenna recently learned to climb stairs. For the past month or so Ted has been holding Gwenna's hands and helping her climb the stairs. I kept telling him he was teaching her, not just playing, and this was inevitably going to make my life harder than it had to be, sooner than later. Who was right? I was, of course. I know how Gwenna works! We've gotten to know each other over the past 24/7/250 or so...

Gwenna can make it all the way to the landing. So when the gate isn't on the bottom of the stairs, it's here:

The weather has been so beautiful lately that our doors have been open regularly this week. I place this gate between the big door and the security door and then close the security door so Gwenna has something to stand on against the door.

... And by all reports she likes it. I'm so glad spring has FINALLY come to Flagstaff. Better a month late than not at all, right?

But that's not all the fencing in we've been doing. There's a top of the stairs, too, logically. A couple months ago Ted installed a swinging gate at the top. It works nicely for our purposes.

Plus Gwenna gets a big kick out of looking at you through it. Sometimes it's fun to play on opposite sides of the gate if she's cranky and needs a good distraction.

End to END (pun intended) this post on a fun note ...

Here's Gwenna (trying her luck at the stairs, of course) with lunch all over her little bottom. Sometimes I miss things when I take her out of her high chair.

Rice cakes anyone?
I'd wager to say Gwenna's willing to share.


'Garrett's mom' said...

So cute! I can't wait till Garrett is so mobile!

Corri said...

She is so beautiful Kelly! Gotta love it!

Casey said...

I still can't believe how mobile she is! Watching her at the shower just blew me away. I do like rice cakes.... :)

The Helvig Familiy said...

She is ssssSSSOOO cute! I love the picture of her looking through the gate! Hope life is treating you well.

kelly said...

Casey, i told you she's insane! She's everywhere. I can't stop her! ... And if you sweet talk her, I happen to know she'll share, no matter what the origin of the actual treat is.