add another 50.

I don't care if this post makes me sound like a 75 year old woman. I know and love many 75 (ish) year old women. My great grandma just turned 95 and she's pretty awesome. So, I'm fine with this.

Want to know what makes me more instantly mad than almost anything else in the world?


I really, really, really, really hate it.

I hated it before someone tagged a sign in my line of townhomes.
I hated it before I saw some amazing examples recently on a road trip as we zoomed past a stopped train with graffiti on every single car. A good 50+ line of cars.
I hated it before I knew about the Flagstaff neighborhood initiative to clean it up.
I hated it before I knew about the mixed up cans of reject paint that volunteers (or those forced into the service) use to cover it, making it obvious that it's under there but at least hiding it.

I really don't like it.

I don't like graffiti because it encourages other things I hate like gangs and crime. The lack of respect that people have astounds me. Imagine taking a can of permanent paint, approaching a home, and desecrating the side of that home to prove your ability, alliance, devotion... really, I'm not sure what people think they have to prove.

It also makes me sad that young people (as I imagine most people who do this are relatively young) feel the need to do this. What would drive someone to do it? I hate to think about it. I hate to think about other actions associated with graffiti.

So I'm sorry if I sound like an old woman, but I really, really hate graffiti.

... and burning cookies but since I *hardly* ever do that, I guess it's not worthy of an entire post.


The Browns said...

Here here!!

Megan said...

Oh I agree. I really despise it too... It really bothers me when I see it, especially on homes, cars, etc where I feel really badly for the people to have to pay to clean/fix it! Its soooo pointless to me!

jhcardita said...

thank you for saying that! and I always burn the cookies! ;)

Amy Sprinkle said...

You know, you could always hold a stake out with some gold spray paint...

kelly said...

oh amy, no matter where you are (here or there) you do my heart a great service with your insightful comments.

Heather said...

Agreed. Graffiti bites.

(I'm so profound.)

Erin said...

This is how I feel about litter.