on the up side...

After revoking my husband's baby dressing privileges, it occurred to me that, while he's not so hot at matching Gwenna's clothes, Ted is good at SO many other things.

So in honor of fair play (and since Gwenna just pushed the Baby Einstein tape in the VCR and is watching it... GENIUS!), I'd like to brag on my husband for a while.

Ted has been able to fix 90% of the problems in our house. Once we needed some electrical help and another time a plumber came. But he's painted, replaced faucets, put in new electrical elements, installed shelves, built a desk, cleaned our carpets, put in new cabinet flooring... Gosh, I could go on forever but the next one is just around the corner so I better stop.

Ted is really good at growing things. We have a 7x3 plot of dirt behind our town home. It was filled with rocks and maybe a dead body and Ted turned it into a place where we grew veggies. TONS of tomatoes as evidence by a picture of some of our last premature crop. And the window box that he built so I could plant things (which never happened because I'm not as awesome as he is) is spectacular.

Ready for this one? According to all opinions that matter, my husband is HOT! No, seriously. He makes Brad Pitt look like something more in line with his own name... a total stinky dud. If you need proof, just look at the picture above. He's hot, even when he has no facial hair. That's saying something if you ask me.

Plus, he smells really good almost all the time.

Plus PLUS, he has the best smile. AND LAUGH! Really, Ted's laugh, especially when I catch him off guard, is music to my soul.

I know I mentioned that he's good at growing things, but I actually grew this baby. But since he helped and continues to help, I thought I'd throw this in for my last point. Isn't she dang cute? And she looks a lot like him, just 100 million times more feminine. They're super cute together, the way they play and how he can make her laugh like no one else. It's the best ever.

Oh, plus he can make dogs sing. Sorry, had to throw that in because, really, do you know anyone else who can make dogs sing?!

Siiiiigh. I miss Buddy. :)


Craig & Lisa said...

Ah Buddy . . . He ate my cake. I miss you Kelly! I need to send you the words to a song I heard recently and thought of you. I survived my first enrichment meeting in Wisconsin. It has crazy and I did way too many things at once, but it turned out great! Loved the blog--poor Ted--no dressing his daughter. I can see why you revoked his privilages though. Pink on pink? What the heck! I hope your computer is better.

Jewel said...

It's nice to know that even though your husband cannot be trusted to clothe your daughter, he at least has some redeeming qualities. :)