i've missed this.

What do:

green onions
yellow crook neck squash
and butter leaf lettuce

have in common?

They're all going into our garden!!

Today Ted and I planted the seeds for our garden in the germination station. ... oh my husband is so witty.

They'll take root inside while there is still the eminent threat of frost and then be transplanted to our little plot-o-land where they will grow, grow, grow so we can eat, eat, eat!!

I SERIOUSLY can't wait until everything sprouts. Especially the strawberries.

And the carrots.

Oh, and the lettuce.

And also the tomatoes.

FINE! All the stuff we're growing. I can't WAIT for it to sprout up!! I can't WAAAAIT to make more salsa. (Insert my mom's mouth watering.)

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Heather said...

Man, I want a garden! I need to get me a house.