what i love about sundays

super pretty girls in cute dresses.

ready for church!

ted is home from work. we spend time together as a family.

sunday naps. gwenna's normally last about 2 hours.

lazy afternoons.

sundays are the precursor to mondays. we LOVE mondays.

ted's home from work.
we go grocery shopping.
we volunteer with meals on wheels.
we sleep as loooong as we can. (7:30 anyone?)
best days ever!


Geneva said...

whoa, that girl doesn't look a bit like either of you ;)

Suzanne and Davey Maughan said...

I am so in love with Gwenna's mouth. That sounds so weird but even when she isnt smiling, she has the cutest mouth shape and lips ever! And I absolutely LOVE Sundays because of the dresses too. I havent put up Hayley's sunday dress pictures from yesterday but it was kind of the same thing. I just love them!
Keep posting the pictures of Gwenna (not that you would stop if i told you to. haha) because I am addicted to her pictures. =)

Erin said...

Why can't I comment on that poem posted above? I LOVE IT! Only those words could come from a true mother. Did you write it? It's beautiful.

kelly said...

Erin, I did. But I revoked commenting abilities so that I could share, not be "critiqued". Know what I mean? Thank you, though! :)