randoms for a thursday

Target gets most of our money after the mortgage is paid.

I have new hair growing in around my hairline so it looks like tiny bangs. Thank you crazy pregnant-not-pregnant-anymore-hormones.

Gwenna naps about three times a day. Some day I hope I can merge the morning and midday naps and get her down to two.

I think I need a humidifier. I always have scabs in my nose and they're pretty irritating.

I love living in Flagstaff. I do not love living in the neighborhood we live in.

My favorite room in my house to spend time in is Gwenna's room. The green and white invigorate me and it's carpeted so baby G can roll and crawl around without bonking her head on tile.

I don't know what we'd do without our attic. We're always putting things in there and taking things out, leaving me to believe that when we move next there's going to be some SERIOUS purging.

I pretty much don't answer my cell phone. I'm either rocking a sleeping baby or in the bathroom or feeding Gwenna every time it rings, it seems, without fail.

Ted made a rule recently that every time we buy a new pair of shoes an old pair has to be tossed. I recently tossed a pair of shoes I had been saving up because I wanted to get rid of them. Is that against the rules?

Whenever I enter my kitchen I'm a little taken aback by my new stove. It doesn't look like it belongs in there. It's too pretty.

I'm nervous to fly with a baby. I'd like to go somewhere - Arkansas, Utah, Hawaii - but the idea of flying with Gwenna makes me apprehensive.

I can't stay awake through movies. This isn't a new development. I've been falling asleep during movies for at least 6 years and even twice in movie theatres. We rarely go to the movies.

I love ice cream. A lot. My favorite from the store is Blue Bell and my favorite over the counter (ha!) is Oberweis... but there are none is Flagstaff or Arizona.

My neighbors could be famous. I'm serious. They laugh JUST LIKE the hyenas from "The Lion King."


Erin said...

You have solved a HUGE mystery for me. I started noticing that I had a MAJOR receeding (sp?) hair line after Ellie was born. It bothered me to no end. In the last few months I've had these out of control wispies next to my hair line and I didn't understand why. Jace even asked if I had cut my bangs myself because there are so many short little hairs in the front. I couldn't put two and two together. Now after reading your blog I realize that I'm getting my hair back! YAY!! You made my day.

Amy Sprinkle said...

You should come visit Oklahoma and try Braums. Nothing too exciting, but I like it. *That is when you feel comfortable enough traveling long distances with the wee one in tow.

Casey said...

So Jordan has the same rule about shoes...and clothes, and just about everything else. Practical...but sad ;)

camilla said...

don't be afraid to fly! when Lily was 6 months, I started flying with her ALONE every few months to visit my family, and I never had a single problem. And Lily is HIGH strung! lol.
put neosporon in your nose on your scabs b4 u go to bed. I do that when I have that problem.
I also have crazy hairs along my hairline, I'm so used to them though...since lily is 3, i've had that issue for a while.

kelly said...

so once i put neosporin up my nose to treat my scabs. and somehow i inhaled it and it coated my throat for THREE DAYS. so thanks for the advice, but i'll stick to chapstick. :)

Jewel said...

I already have the little wispies, but those are from when all my hair fell out on my mission...they're now a couple of inches long, so it looks like I had a really bad layered haircut. Good to know it's only going to get worse after the baby comes. Sigh.

kelly said...

Jewel, my hair came out in clumps after I had Gwenna. Now it's growing back, now that she's 6 and a half months. Pantene Pro V saved my whole head.