if so, then i'm changing my name!

Meet Gwenna:

Today Gwenna is:
Wearing her 1980's retro Pac-Man Ghost sweater
Making leggings looks better than spandex should
Sporting one sock and one super cold foot (YOU try keeping socks on her!)
Playing with her favorite toys:
1 curious monkey, 1 batteryless remote (thank you Sprinkles!!)
- no, really, she loves the remote
Being selectively cranky and then really cute, almost as an apology
Grunting a lot
Moving faster than I've ever seen her move
... And making the title of my blog a lie.
If today she is happy as a Crowder, I'm going to have to change my name.

"What mom? Mind your own business!"

And they say TEENAGERS are bad? About as bad as a teething baby, I'd imagine.


camilla said...

Oh, a teething baby is nothing. just wait, you will see... she says with a smile knowing someday, it will all hit the fan with sweet little Gwenny, as it often does with sweet little Lily. :)

The Thomson Family said...

Have you guys tried teething tablets? Life savers!

Joey & Tiffanye said...

I love the bottom picture! Too Funny!