Gwenna's New Trick

Because Ted is at work, but also because Gwenna thinks it's really funny, here is evidence of her new trick.

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Really Gwenna? Is it that time already? We've put up the baby gate at the top of the stairs and we have one ready for the bottom. But are you taking matters into your own hands? - deciding that our steps towards baby proofing aren't good enough? I know crib bumpers can be controversial but up until now they've served you quite well. Keep your pacifier in your crib when you spit it out, keep your little limbs from falling between the bars while you sleep... But if you don't want them, we can get rid of them.

Decorating her crib (pun intended) at 6 months.
She IS her mother's daughter!


Lisl and Stephen said...

Franklin has done the same, but I refuse to take away the bumpers, even though he's 18 months old this weekend. Besides, he loves to cram, and sleep with himself in a corner, so at least I feel better knowing he's up against a bumper and not shoved into the bars. Plus its fun for them, anything for them to play with when they wake up and keep them from getting mad till you come get 'em is perfect.

Heather said...

Oh my goodness, that little darling is just getting more and more beautiful. I can hardly stand it!