belated, for my mom.

Yesterday was my mom's birthday and try as I might (and try I DID!) I could not get these darn videos to post!! I compressed them, I tried to post them here, tried to email them... Nothing wanted to work.

Then, this morning, they just worked. And they worked easily. And I texted my mother in joy! ... No coercing, no promises of blog stardom, no bribery of any sort. Guess they're more the straight-talkin' kind of videos. Flattery will get me no where with these little gems.

Just some Gwenna cuteness of the Grandma enjoyment variety. The first is Gwenna's daily talking lesson taken by the amazing cinetographer Ted AKA Papa. Number two is just a little impromptu minute or so of Gwenna being cute in her crib while Ted and I were across the room in her rocker and eventually talk in really annoying baby voices.

I hope you ALL enjoy, but if not, at least my mom will.

Happy {belated} birthday, Mama!


heidi said...

she is SO adorable!!

Heather said...

Seriously. Her cuteness is almost too much for me to handle. ALMOST.

Erin said...

Her smile is so big and cute! I love it. She's growing up so much!