Before and After, Again and Again

It went something like this:

K: I just feel like I'm living in a cave.
T: A cave, huh?
K: Yes, a cave that I am stuck in all day long. I liked it for the past two years but I need more light. So can we paint?
T: Yes, we can paint.

And it was as simple as that even though Ted was SO DONE with painting after finishing Gwenna's room about 9 months ago.

You see, when we moved into our house EVERYTHING was either in need of repair, changing, or painting. ... Even the toilet seats needed to be replaced. Really, though, you should do that anyway when you move into a new house but these were those vinyl puffy ones that get cracked... Our house needed help. Unfortunately, the first time we entered it, it felt like home. I have no idea how that was possible since the grout was stained with soda and there were Sports Illustrated ladies all over the walls. Not quite our decorating scheme.

Our home pre-move in

Did I mention the wallpaper and wallpaper borders? Just don't do it, people. People, if there's anything I can advise you against, decorating wise, it's wallpaper. You will regret it and if you don't, you are a plague on whoever will live there next. It's not worth it.

But, as I think I've said 100 times, we were really lucky to have friends to help us make drastic changes.

Kelly and Lisa painting the first fateful strokes in the living room.
I miss Wisconsin Lisa. A lot.

We decided (as you've seen on my blog time and time again) on a chocolate milk color for the living area and the kitchen. For exactly two years I loved it.

I loved making everything work with the color. I loved that various neutral shades that I could use with my chocolately brown and how anything not neutral would just POP. Making the cornice board was one of my favorite projects ever.

But the time came to make a change. As I told Ted, I felt like I was living in a cave. You see, when I spent 9 hours a day in an office, coming home to my warm soothing brown (usually after the sun had set and I had soaked up the sunlight from my office window) was a pleasure. Now that this IS my office and Gwenna my line of business I have begun to feel like it's too dark. I needed more SUNSHINE!

My poor primed living room. A primed room is BY FAR the most depressing part of a paint job.

Insert color selection adventures, supply trip, removing contents of the walls, moving furniture into the middle of the room, plastic tarps, taping, priming, pizza (the food of choice while painting), painting, and undoing all the moving. Put things back on the walls, buy new curtains.

LOVE on the husband a lot.

A portion of my completed room including the beautiful new blue and brown curtains we picked out today. They made the redesign more drastic than just a new coat of paint and I adore them!

I am SO HAPPY with the way it all turned out. We painted 5 walls Sesame and left 2 walls chocolate milk... and if you think that math is strange it's becasue I have a strange shaped living room.

Ted was very unsure about how this would all turn out but I had a vision. I was ready to tackle this project and I must say that I did a lot more work on this job than I have on any other room... due to my long list of excuses such as being tired, being burned by the steamer that removes the wall paper, being prenangt... but this time it was MY vision. Ted was along for the ride and did a lot of the work, but it started in my head. We both love the end result and I think Ted was happily surprised. "Why mess with something that's worked for the past 2 years?" He admitted that the only reason he was down with the painting idea was because it sounded terrible, how I said I felt like I was living in a cave. He's a good husband.

We've painted our house 8 times. I know that sounds intense but 3 of them were all together. The other 5 were on seperate occasions and it's not all the same rooms again and again, except for Gwenna's room. That really is a lot of painting though and now, we're done... for a while. Until I say that I feel like I'm living on the sun in our yellow bedroom. That'll never happen. I LOVE my yellow bedroom.

Now on a completely unrelated note -

Doesn't my baby look strangely cute with pants on her head? I love to call her pants head.
I think she looks like a chef... or maybe a colorful nun.
I'm pulling for the culinary comparisson.


Heather said...

As always, Gwenna's adorableness is ridiculous.

And I love the new living room. I think you and I are kindred spirits, my dear. Too bad this was not discovered until we lived in different states.

Oh, and as for the private or public conundrum, very difficult indeed and something I also considered after the recent incident. I've decided that for me, it doesn't hurt me to keep snarky things to myself regardless of my intent or the humor found therein. Plus, I kept thinking of Elder Ballard's talk about getting online and sharing what you believe. So for now - I stay public!

I hope you stay public, too. Your sweet, uplifting posts could edify a lot of random folk, I think. :)

Suzanne and Davey Maughan said...

yeah im totally thinking chef. what a cutie! that is such an awesome picture of her huge blue eyes and big chunky cheeks.

Amy Sprinkle said...

Of course she wears pants on her head, who wouldn't? By living in "the cave" you only brought a part of "The Meadows" with you!

Jewel said...

I love the new living room...I'm sure the bright new walls make such a difference in how light your house feels!! And I actually think Gwenna looks more like a colorful nun. I like it.
And please, if you go private, make sure to invite me--your blog is always such an uplifter!

kelly said...

Oh Jewel, I'm not going to. ... I don't think. If I ever did, I'd make CERTAIN to make a big announcement. :)

'Garrett's mom' said...

So cute! Both the new look and Gwenna :)

camilla said...

I feel bad that I was JUST at your house, and I didn't notice! You have painted your house EIGHT different times? WOW. We are planning on painting our house in May'ish b4 we get the new carpet we were promised, we'll have to invite the Crowders over,since you are pros and all. lol. I can't even BELIEVE That Ted helped you paint the house just because you were TIRED of the color. This is something John would NEVER put up with, he is NOT a good sport for sure.
Here is a quote from your blog that I thought was funny, "Unfortunately, the first time we entered it, it felt like home." UNFORTUNATELY?? Are you feeling ready for a move? That is SUCH a funny line to me.
On a side note, I think it's funny that every time I go to comment on your blog, Heather is ALWAYS the first to comment! lol. She must LOVE YOU!

kelly said...

Yes, unfortunately b/c it needed SO MUCH WORK! Also, Heather DOES love me and it's equally reciprocated. :) I'm just as frequent on her blog.

We won't be moving for a while, until at least summer of 2010. And I'm ok with that. Someday we'll live in a bigger and beautiful house. I'm completely certain of it.

jhcardita said...

That is a lot of painting. Glad you're out of your 'cave'!!!