you're all right! and here's a picture overload to prove it.

Like I said above, you were all right, Heidi, Mom, and Amber. Good job, friends. Your reward is a slew of pictures from our trip. Lucky you...?

As I said in my last post, we needed a minication. Ted's coworker has been ill on an off, well, for her whole life maybe, but most recently the past two months or so have been pretty bad. He's been working 6 week days... strike that, rewind... six day weeks! ... and bringing home the paychecks to prove it. Even that doesn't make it worth it, though. Sometimes you have to get away! So when Ted was called in on his day off earlier this week and shifted his off day to the following day (mouthful!) he also decided to take the next day off. Tuesday and Wednesday off with nothing planned? That has minication written all over it.

Off to Williams we went to take the train to the Grand Canyon. Our day started with cold noses and a wild west shoot out. The sherrif was kind enough to pose with us but Gwenna didn't like staring into the sun and would rather nosh out on her pasaphier.

This wasn't our train but it is A train that is there and an old one at that. About 100 years old so you're not allowed to climb on it or anything, which is kinda stinky. So is the fact that dog lady and her beau won't get out of our picture.

Now this is our train. It may not have been 100 years old but that's probably a good thing. But our's was fun and retro looking on the outside with red leather interior on the inside.

Our entertainment! He was fun and played good songs, a couple of them Ted's dad had done (in case you're not in the "know" Ted's dad was a bonafied crooner). How fun to sit on a train with your husband and your baby and not worry about driving or keeping the baby happy in the car seat (sometimes she's happy, sometimes she's not) and then just let someone wander about your train car and sing to you. Better than driving to the Grand Canyon? Yes, and I can say this because I've done it twice.

Behold, the canyon! But Mostly Gwenna and Kelly.

Behold, the... oh, I did that. Mostly Gwenna with a red nose and Ted.

Phantom Ranch, from the top of the canyon. I sure like my camera and Ted enjoyed playing with the awesome zoom.

A suspension bridge in the canyon ... its name elludes me. Over the mighty chocolate Colorado River.

One of the hilights of our hiking around the south rim was when we busted up a party of deer munching on the foliage. There were three big guys and two little ones. They were so fun to watch from afar (but not really that far away). They were really sweet.

Now, really, BEHOLD! - the canyon! It really is a sight to take in from as many angels as possible. As you walk the south rim it seems like every several yards the vantage point changes and you get a new view of this marvelous canyon. I would love to see it at sun set someday.

Ted really wanted to see the Hopi house and we were able to, just before our train started boarding to head back home. The Hopi house was built in 1905 by Mary Jane Colter. I love that it was built by a woman in the day it was because that wasn't something you saw a lot of. It currently houses the more upscale items that most of the other gift shops don't offer but the real fun is the see the construction... unless you're tall becuase it is not. That short structure is actully two levels.

Back on the train those rascally robbers met up with us and attempted to steal all our valuables. Ted handed one a quarter and told him to call someone who cared. Oh, that husband of mine!

I saw the gun show onthe streets of Williams three and a hald years ago and I swear this guy was in that too. I guess he gets all the top billings in a big town like that...

We had so much fun on our trip. The minication did us a world of good! ... Except little Gwenna, who brought home a terrible souvineir: a cold. She was miserable yesterday but she's doing a lot better today. Even that point considered, it was totally worth it.

... she probably would have gotten sick at home just the same, anyway... right?


Amy Sprinkle said...

You got to go to the Grand Canyon without also having to give a talk! Was this only your third time going? I've gone 3 times too--once my Freshman year at NAU, the the other two time you know about because you were there. I would like to go again some day.

Amy Sprinkle said...

Also, I'm glad you got a minication and had fun!

Sam and Jamie Taylor said...

That was a cool trip! Thanks for letting me "live" it with you!