what's up with the crowders?

I wish I could write to my blog as I can to my husband... but then I'd have to write on my husband and I don't think my blog would respond like he did.
... That made sense to me so that's all that matters.

We've been up to quite a bit lately but I haven't been my normal camera compulsive self, maybe part of my new year goal to be more present in the moment.

Yesterday we:
Had a lazy fun morning at home including cream of wheat with blueberries and blackberries and brown sugar.
Ate leftover mac n' cheese which Ted made for dinner the night before. SO yummy. I will say I was slightly jealous that his was better than mine but we follow the same recipe. Well, we almost follow it. It's the base of the recipe that matters, right?
We traveled to Snowflake and dropped baby G with Ted's former roommate's brother's wife. (Some friends watched Gwenna, that's all I'm trying to say) and we made it to the Temple for the first time since before Gwenna was born. I love the snowflake temple. So simple and I feel at home there.
We had dinner with said babysitters and dessert. They were so kind and so nice... and they're mailing poor George as he somehow ended up in a back bedroom. "Mom?? Are monkeys supposed to have tails?!" Oh dear!

It was a lovely day and Ted took the day off work to make it happen.
I love when he does that.

We've also been up to some other antics. It warmed up a bit around our part lately and many of the 10 foot snow berms (not kidding!) started to melt.

So on Monday we washed our car. That's right! Middle of January, snow on the ground ( full of cinders and salt), but it was warm enough for us to wash our car. And since I had the baby on my back I got to be the hose-master. That was fun because I think if I had not had Gwenna, Ted would have hogged the hose. Instead his hand froze as he dipped it in the soapy bucket and scrubbed away at grit, salt, scum, grime, and all manner of winter debris.

Ted gave the interior (or at least the dusty dash) the royal treatment and Suzy came out looking brand new! Or at least that used car new-to-you sort of new.

We've also been taking some family self portraits. Gwenna doesn't always comply to the mandatory smiling policy.

Sometimes she makes some pretty silly faces. But in this one in particular, poor thing, she just had a bath and even thought it claims to be tear free, her soap irritated her eyes a little as we washed her bulbous noggin. Oh my! Clean baby smell.

Is she really rolling her eyes at us already?? I don't blame her, Ted and I look forced and weird.

That's as good as it got. It normally happens that the one where Gwenna looks the best is the best one overall because no one really cares how we look, they're mostly looking at Gwenna. ... Which is good since my heair was rediculously flat. That's ok. Gwenna's the important part of the picture.

So there's a Crowder update. And to my blog, sorry I've been neglecting you. Let's be friends again and forever.


camilla said...

gwenna's lips in that 2nd photo are to die for! so cute! i just put up some new pics of my 2 on my blog. hop on over!

ps: i have some baby oatmeal i found 4 gwenny-poo.

Anonymous said...

Yes they are supposed to have tails and they can be sewn on if it is required. :)
P.S. time to get rid of the christmas music!
Love Mom