music for a happy day

There are a few songs I like to play when Gwenna and I have a lot to get done (read: I have a lot to get done and I need Gwenna to be awesome). Here is a sampling from my favorite Busy Day playlist on project playlist.

Jack Johnson

Upside down
Keith Urban
I Could Fly
Leave the Pieces
James Taylor
Your Smiling Face
Norah Jones
Painter Song
Nickel Creek
Fox Went Out
Otis Redding
Sitting on the Dock of the Bay
(A favorite of Gwenna's because it has whistling in it
and we love to dance to it, cheek to cheek,
or with Ted and Gwenna and me, cheek-to-cheek-to-cheek)
Saturday in the Park

Just a sampling, but it gets me going and gives me some inspiration to also slow down between tasks and have some fun!

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Mary Anne + Dusty said...

I have not been on blogs for the last three weeks (i know...what a vacation I've had) and I think I am only 37 posts behind on your blog. I have scanned through them all and feel slightly caught up, but not really to the extent I would hope. But you are still funny and that's what matters. Happy New Year happy Crowders!