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Growing too fast!

It's hard for me to believe 2009 is even here because I thought it just passed. When it rolled on from 2007 into 2008 I kept saying it was 2009... once I stopped calling it 2007, of course, which is a habit that dies off for me each March.
Was it fate? Is 2009 going to be amazing? I sure hope so!

I was inspired by Erin to blog about what goals we will be pursuing, individually and as a family, in 2009. Here goes nothing!

Kelly will:
Continue my pursuit for knowledge by reading one book club and one non-book club book per month. (Any suggestions?)
Sounds characteristically "new year" but, get more active. Not to lose weight, and not really for any dominant health benefits. Mostly because it's fun. Walk more, swim, keep moving. (As if I don't already, just in a different way...)
Commit to a volunteer opportunity. Maybe just once a month, maybe more. I'm thinking literacy volunteering.
Be present in the moment. I'm always telling myself and other to enjoy each stage of life before it passes. Be present.

Continue to search for a job, worthy of his hard earned degree, something challenging.
Read things he loves, not things he HAS to read... those days have passed.
Fix the two cabinets with cork board and white board that Kelly desperately wants done.
Continue the pursuit towards being the best husband he can be for Kelly and the best dad he can be for Gwenna. (Won't be much trouble at all.)

Continue to laugh, smile, and bring delight to all she comes across.
Get crawling (then walking!) on those knees and arms rather than knees and head.
Move on from rice cereal (her current love) to more exciting taste bud adventures.
Play with Curious George every day.

Resolutions are tough, so I'm just sticking with these things, which were already in the works. Here's to all 2009 has in store and all we can bring to it!

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Erin said...

I love to see what others have chosen to work on. Your list is good! Gwenna sure is getting big... and sure it staying cute!