how to make blueberry muffins

1. buy blueberries because they're on sale and they look really yummy.

2. go home and try to keep the baby content. try giving her a plastic cup. she likes those because she knows you drink out of them so naturally if you use it she want to use it too.

... and take a lot of pictures because babies are cute in bumbos playing with cups.

3. when the cup doesn't work very long, try a spoon, preferably her's so she can chew on it...

... and when that doesn't work,

4. try a big wooden spoon that basically, for her at least, is an oar.

5. go here for a recipe to make these:

6. enjoy.

you can thank me later.


Jewel said...

Those look INCREDIBLE!! SOOOO jealous, but thanks for the link to the recipe! :)

Dusty + Mary Anne said...

look at you all betty/martha. what a lucky husband you have. and that little gwenna is certainly adorable trying to manage those grown-up sized toys.

Casey said...

Blueberries ARE on sale!! I totally bought a big container. Not that I'm capable of doing anything with them, like make amazing-looking muffins that are making my mouth water, by the way. But I will eat them all the same :)

kelly said...

casey! you CAN make muffins. you're capable!!

amy.legler said...

YUMMY!! Im going to have to try those!!