even pandora's box had to start somewhere.

I am SO GLAD we got this toy box for Gwenna this Christmas...

even though it was purchased the day after Christmas,
(and we didn't even wrap it)

here lies about half of Gwenna's Christmas season (not all accumilated on the Big Day) loot, including a duplicate or two which will be donated guilt free since they were hand-me-downs.

Secretly (or not secretly), so far, except for about 2 two toys (Curious George and this little triangle shaky things) I think Papa enjoys most of the toys more than Gwenna. He was feeling a little remorse at one or two of them as we boxed up some of the hand-me-downs to share with kids who can appreciate them right now. A family in our ward who we love dearly was SO AWESOME to share some of their kids toys of days gone by. The triangle thing came from them. Doesn't it make you feel special to know you've been thought of?

I'm a little scared this is going to get out of hand. I've never wanted to live in a toy store, even when I was a child. Now, Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium, that might be a different story. That would rock.


Amy Sprinkle said...

Where did you end up finding the toy box?

Kelly said...

We found it, of all places, at Target, in Mesa. And we bought it. Then when we got back up here we found that they had it at our Target too, $10 cheaper. What's up with that ?!