Dear Ted,

I have a little problem. You never took the trash out last night and you didn't do it this morning before work because you were too busy playing with Gwenna and me. But it kind of started to stink, since it was so full the lid wouldn't close. So I tried to take it out.

But it got stuck. Like, STUCK stuck. Like, we might need to throw out the whole can kind of stuck.

So I've had to improvise today. Nothing new, really. But be prepared with you get home. There's a lot to take out now and part of it is possibly eternally lodged.

I think our shoe collection is getting a little out of control. For two people we sure can accumulate a lot of shoes at the from door! Really, is that the kind of shoe drop spot you expect for just two people?

Nice slippers, by the way.

I think our empty shoe wrack in our closet is feel neglected.

The beef stew is cooking away nicely and making the whole house smell better than today's Relief Society pot luck, which had a soup theme. I didn't know that when I planned beef stew for tonight.

I did make another batch of home made rolls, like I said I wanted. I did cook them the way you wanted, all squished together in a little pan, 3 by 3, meaning 1 less than normal. I did NOT take a picture ... because I didn't want you to drool on your computer at work. Or because I forgot.

I finally got around to reorganizing my primary binder and Gwenna and I had a ton of fun with stickers. She's a cool kid, that Gwenna. She also forced me to buy a few extra things at Target this morning. She said I deserved them, even though she was sleeping. She's a smart kid, too.

You got a special delivery today.
I'm excited for you to come home and open it!

I'm also strangely excited to check the mail today because I forgot to do that yesterday. I always forget to do silly things like that when it's your day off. I wish today was your day off too. But five o'clock will come soon enough being that I still have to do the dishes and I hope to clean the floors. That might have to wait until tomorrow. I'm kinda already pooped.

Glad your day at work is busy. It's nice to have things to do, isn't it?

I love you, honey! Can't wait to eat beef stew and yummy rolls and play with you and Gwenna. It's always more fun to play all together.

Your super hot and funny and loving wife,


Bre said...

mmmm,my house smells the same exact way. what a coincidence. yummy.

Kelly said...

Why do you think I made rolls? To cover up the garbage stench. Ok, just kidding, but it was a good attempt.

Bre said...

not the garbage! the stew! and the rolls too. my stew was fabulous last night. how was yours?

Kelly said...

it was yuuu-uuuu--mmy!! wish i could dive into some for lunch but ted took the leftovers to work. ooh, i *can* have a roll though.