Dear Kelly

Thank you for writing to me via the blog.

I know I am a slob and didn't take out the trash. Sorry about that. We have too many shoes that's for sure. That basket should only be full not overfull. The underused shoe rack is no longer in the closet, it is in the attic.

I am so happy that I can hang my degree up now. I've been waiting to do that forever!

Thank you for being my happy and super hot and loving wife.

I love you! I am anxiously waiting for 5pm to come so that I can go home and play with you and G wiggles.

Your handsome, provider, husband,


Erin said...

You guys are hilarious and probably one of the cutest couples I know! I'd say a true match. Have fun eating stew and yummy rolls and playing with G wiggles with your handsome, provider husband. (No, I'm not hitting on him, just copying what he wrote!)

Kelly said...

riiiiight Erin. it's ok, he is handsome. you can state the facts but that's a good cover.

TED! don't you have your OWN blog for these responses? hahaha juuuuust kidding. I love you honey. :o)

jhcardita said...

you guys are a riot!

camilla said...

that is really funny! John has never even checked my blog, that is one thing I know for SURE. And maybe you don't really have too many shoes in your basket, maybe you just need to get a bigger basket!