we like to party.

When Gwenna and I wake in the morning (read: When Gwenna wakes me in the morning) I change her diaper, she eats less than I think she should but exactly how much she wants, and we head downstairs to play (read: roll around on the carpet, watch Sesame Street upside down, giggle, and coo).

This morning Gwenna was so very content to just roll around and then chill on her belly. She is so cute and very active in the morning. She's trying to learn how to roll herself back over with very little progress.

Before she rolls over she somehow scoots herself around so she can see me and then is sad that she can't see my when she rolls over (read: Gwenna only has eyes for me, ask Ted).

Well Gwenna girl just tired herself right out and took a two hour nap (read: Gwenna conked out after playing and let me nap, eat, watch Martha, and blog). She's so cute when she's sleeping. She likes to sleep on her side, like me. At night I roll her onto her back so I can sleep easily but during the day I let her nap as she pleases.

After her lengthy nap Gwenna ate again and rolled on the carpet. She fell back asleep, rolled over in her side in her sleep, and creeped up, on her back legs (er, um, legs. She's not a dog with front and back legs. Buddy may be gone, but he's still with me in spirit.) She woke up to find herself angled down on her head and arms (read: Gwenna likely had a killer stiff neck and woke up) and decided it was an opportunity she could not pass up.

So my little four and a half month beauty queen pushed herself up on all fours and lamented that she could not crawl (read: Gwenna is a developmental genius and she's going to be smarter than me in approximately 6 days).

I just love her. I'm so glad I get to be Gwenna's mom rather than work in an office all day like I used to. It was a great job, but this is better. Muuuuch better (read: Muuuuuch better).


Ted said...


you are the most wonderful person in the world. I love you and this post. it's so truthful and delightful to read.

I love the new label you created as well. Happy as a Crowder!


Heather said...

Oh my goodness, I just adore this little girl. I adore you as a mother. I want one!

Dusty + Mary Anne said...

i could look at chubby legs taking a nap all day. gwenna's are especially adorable! what a big girl she is...and so advanced in her young age :) yeah for graduation upon your doorstep!

camilla said...

Sounds like you should watch out! My kids both crawled at 6months! Your relaxing non-mobile child mommy time might be over soon!